Accidents involving semi trucks are some of the most serious auto accidents that can occur. When a semi truck makes a sharp turn and loses its center or gravity, it can turn on its side and either fall on or slide into other cars, causing large pile ups and serious injuries. Direct collisions can be even worse, resulting in extensive injuries and death.

When a semi trailer truck collides with a car, the results are hardly ever positive. The size of these trailers is usually enough to cause serious damages to passengers in the smaller vehicles, and they can destroy these cars easily. While drivers and passengers in the other vehicle may be seriously hurt or even killed, many truck drivers walk away from the accidents without a single injury.

Why Are There so Many Crashes Involving Semi-Tractor Trailers?
Driving while fatigued is the number one safety issue facing the trucking industry and is a factor in almost 40% of all crashes in the U.S. The drivers for these trucking companies are under considerable pressure to move the cargo as quickly as possible, making 16 hour days not uncommon. Studies have revealed that 20% of semi tractor trailer drivers on the road had reported that they had fallen asleep at the wheel within the last 30 day period. There are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations which address the hours of service that drivers are allowed to log. Unfortunately, many trucking companies find ways around these restrictions or flat out choose to violate the regulations, putting us all in danger. Many times, in order to keep their jobs, truckers have no choice but to keep the wheels moving.
Truck-car collisions often involve some type of neglect on the part of the truck driver, the trucking company, or both. The most common causes of these crashes is poor training, drivers falling asleep at the wheel, improper or no maintenance of the truck or trailer, improper loading or aggressive driving, including speeding.
Sometimes trucking companies hire incompetent or unskilled drivers and fail to provide appropriate training. These trucks are 10,000 pound monsters, are very hard to maneuver and are very unlike a passenger vehicle in their behavior. It takes great skill and experience to drive one safely and responsibly...

Common causes of truck accidents include the following:
Defective truck equipment/mechanical failure: State and federal regulations require trucking companies to keep their trucks in proper working order and follow regular maintenance checks. Defective equipment can lead to tire blowouts, brake failures and other problems.
Overloaded trucks/unsecured loads: Overloaded trucks and unsecured loads can cause the truck to react poorly, erratically and dangerously. Loads can topple over or fall off trailers and cause accidents.
Truck driver fatigue/driving hour log violations: Truckers are required to follow driving hours regulations and record their hours in a log. Driver fatigue is a frequent cause of serious trucking accidents.

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      UnbeltedSundew - Exactly! Some people have no respect for big-rig operators. I think it's one of the hardest jobs out there, dodging danger on the hwys everyday.

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