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The new Honda Civic is back speaking of its presence in the D-segment in the Indian market. It hails of bold stance and aggressive appearance up front and the rear gets a stylish overhaul when compared to the predecessor that was sold in India (though, the model gets an overhaul inside-out). Speaking of the Honda Civic specification, it will be offered with 1.8-litre petrol and a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Nonetheless, the new Civic will be well packed with features as well. so, let’s find out what our Ed. Ashish Masih has to say about this new executive sedan.

2019 Honda Civic Price In India
The all-new 2019 Honda Civic price falls between Rs. 17.70 Lakhs and Rs. 22.30 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom- Delhi). You can check out 2019 Honda Civic On-road price in your city by clicking on this link

2019 Honda Civic Exterior

Honda Civic has always been a stunning looking car. India first received the8th gen model and now the 10th gen model is ruling our roads. It has LED headlamps and tail lamps. The 17-inch alloy wheels add to its glamorous look. Learning from the last gen, this car is kept 170mm above the ground.

2019 Honda Civic Interior and features

Unlike the last gen car which had dual dashboard setup, the 2019 Honda Civic Interior dashboard is a single unit. It houses a digital screen instead of conventional speedometer which has each and every detail about the car. Interestingly, the USB and power socket have been placed hidden under the dashboard and armrest. Seats are very comfortable and offer good support.

Honda Civic 2019 Specifications

With a 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine, Honda Civic churns out 141PS of power and 173 Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a CVT transmission. The i-DTEC diesel engine is a 1.6-litre unit which generates 120PS of power with 300 Nm of torque. It gets a 6-speed manual transmission.

2019 Honda Civic Variants

Honda Civic is available in a total of 5 variants; 3 for petrol (V, VX, and ZX) and 2 for diesel (VX, and ZX). Honda Civic ZX variant is the best equipped one out of the remaining ones.

2019 Honda Civic Safety
Honda Civic has 8 airbags, lane watch camera, electronic parking brake with auto brake hold, vehicle stability assist, agile handling assist, hill start assist, etc. are some of the safety features which are available in the 2019 Honda Civic.

2019 Honda Civic Colors

This car is available in 5 colours; namely Radiant Red Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Golden Brown Metallic, and Lunar Silver Metallic.

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    • Piruz Jassawalla
      Piruz Jassawalla

      Does it have Traction control system? I know it has ESP but nor sure about TCS.

      about 4 days ago
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      mohd nouman

      Was here to review but bro tumhari english itni tez hai ke humare Canada mein koi ni bol sakta
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      Ram Manohar

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      king Slayer Savage

      Apart from fact that nobody have been in cockpit than pilots, ironically you say gives you feel. Dafuk?

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      Don’t know much about cars but Masih Saab you are “The Best”.

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      nishant kumar

      Could you review tata harrier plz

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      mankaran anand

      Its a pretty one sided review . For a 20 lakh rupee car the diesel is quite underpowered and un worthy

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      Sourabh Bhoje

      It would be great to see comparison test between octavia and altis and civic. Hope I get to see the review by you.

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      why don't you make a review about harrier

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    • xikefocus

      Nice, it has rear air vent. In the states, there's none.

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    • wilton ghost
      wilton ghost

      girlfriends & jobs are very unstable today. However HONDA is very stable :-)

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    • b vardhan
      b vardhan

      Sir it's better than Hyundai Elantra or please do comparison video on Hyundai Elantra and Honda civic.

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    • smallsoldiersy

      pls tell the video editor to increase the audio DB next time.........

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    • Dinesh Babu (external)
      Dinesh Babu (external)

      wow drone shots.Taking car review to next level

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      Manu nair

      Dude Breathe!!

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      Yash Sharma

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    • Geet Pawde
      Geet Pawde

      civic's the best segment!!!!love this car a lot.....most awaited

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      Divakar Ownz

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      Aman Arora

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      Keep up! Great work.

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      VIGNESH r

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