According to statistics, most drivers change their car once every six years, which is a pretty long period of time. To take the best out of your car in those six years, to save money and to avoid constant repairing, you’d better avoid ten mistakes many of us make when buying a car.
One day you’ll probably decide to sell your car. That’s why you have to consider some important features. According to Paint supplier PPG Industries, white is the most popular car color in the US with 35 percent of all sold vehicles. It is followed by black with 17 percent, and silver and gray that both got a 12 percent popularity.
In case you want to purchase some good old German luxury brands such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you have to be prepared to pay around $17,800 and $12,900 for ten years of maintenance accordingly. US popular brand Cadillac comes next with an average $12,500 maintenance cost for the same period of time.
Additional airbags, a passenger sensing system that can tell the size of the person in the seat and save smaller children in case of a crash, auto-dimming mirrors to reduce the glare coming from headlights at night, head restraints and ABS are some of the things you don’t want to save money at.
Make a check-list of features you need to check and think of where you’ll be driving your new vehicle. Try driving on the highway and park in uncomfortable conditions if that’s what you know you’ll have to do in the future. Examine everything to help yourself make the right decision.
Don’t be afraid to miss “the deal of a lifetime.” You must have noticed those come up now and then, so you shouldn’t let them pressure you into making a wrong financial decision that will affect your budget for years.


You don’t think about resale value. 0:32
Car maintenance can be expensive. 1:46
You pay for optional items. 2:50
You buy a brand new car. 3:33
You buy a car that is too big or too small. 4:03
You can’t choose between car’s prestige and technical characteristics. 4:34
You don’t examine the car. 5:19
You miss advantageous offers and discounts. 6:08
You don’t try to lower the price. 6:30
You’re in a hurry. 6:51

-First, the car brand matters: there are brands that are more or less popular among drivers. Second, you need to think about the vehicle specifications and the engine. Third, don’t forget about its color.
-Think of how much of your family budget car maintenance can make, and decide if you want to spend that much on your vehicle after you’ve purchased it.
-Some drivers don’t smoke inside their cars. In this case, they don’t need an ashtray. An additional corrosion treatment is useless as well because cars already have an anti-corrosion treatment.
-The best choice is a car model that is no more than three years old and already well-known.
-Try to predict how many times you’re going to travel by car, how many passengers will be there, and so on.
-A premium class car will give you better safety, high performance and increased comfort their manufacturers guarantee.
-Gather as much information as possible at reliable websites and among your friends, consult an independent specialist, and test drive your chosen car.
-The best time to buy a car starts in December and reaches its peak in March.
-Try to call or send emails to different dealerships saying you have a better offer and asking if they can beat it.
-Spend enough time to gather information, consulting specialists, and weighing the pros and cons.

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    • Lon Brooklyn
      Lon Brooklyn

      I am thinking about buying 2014 gray or silver color Chevy Impala in NYC for 6 maybe 7 k in a few years!

      about 3 hours ago
    • Aaryaman Gupta
      Aaryaman Gupta

      The trick in which you tell about another dealership with better prices is very useful in electronics too, if you get a $400 microwave in one shop and a $500 microwave in a trusted shop, then you may even give them the details of the other shop and then get the microwave at $350. Also, if you live in a joint family, then I suggest that you should buy all your cars from a certain dealership, so that you can negotiate prices saying you are a regular customer.

      about 16 hours ago
    • Abhishek Singh
      Abhishek Singh

      You know nothing bright side...🤣🤣🤣🤣...

      about 1 day ago
    • ing yellow
      ing yellow

      Just buy 3000$ second hand car, not to small, not to big, perfect to go to work and shopping, and if you need to do a long travel as for hollidays, rent a car

      about 3 days ago
    • Minty Passion
      Minty Passion

      Just buy an ordinary car that both looks posh on the outside and is safe

      about 4 days ago
    • Timo Hamkissa
      Timo Hamkissa

      First mistake: bying a new car. Second mistake: bying a french car.

      about 5 days ago
    • Janelle Ellison
      Janelle Ellison

      What abut Tesla

      about 5 days ago
    • Amitabh Bachan
      Amitabh Bachan

      Thumbnail is a wrong image. U didnt discuss that in this video

      about 5 days ago
    • Cecil Henry
      Cecil Henry

      6 years. I buy my cars for 15!!! Minimum

      about 6 days ago
    • Lorenzo Furlanetto
      Lorenzo Furlanetto

      "... [white] stands for semplicity, purity and order..." It just keeps the car cooler during summer months.. just saying.

      about 9 days ago
    • HunterXRay

      Buying cars new is a scam and a huge rip off.

      But these are still pretty good tips for getting ripped off *less* from car stealerships. Nice video =)

      about 10 days ago
    • Muhamed Mousa Battiekh Muhamed
      Muhamed Mousa Battiekh Muhamed

      Talking about Arab world, the best offers are in the holy month of Ramdan...

      about 12 days ago
    • ack reik
      ack reik

      Guys just buy a 94 camry its reliable

      about 12 days ago
    • MD C
      MD C

      sick of ppl telling me how great toyotas are!

      about 12 days ago
    • Shevonne DePina
      Shevonne DePina In reply to MD C

      me too!

      about 6 days ago
    • Ben Lorentz
      Ben Lorentz

      I've never paid more than 600 bucks for a vehicle. And all my vehicles ran just fine.

      about 13 days ago
    • Grand Master Mawile
      Grand Master Mawile

      After consulting a couple people and research, I definitely am getting a new Toyota Corolla.

      about 13 days ago
    • Steven Stuart
      Steven Stuart

      Vehicles are the worst payment you can have in your entire life once you buy a brand new one the depreciation goes way down

      about 14 days ago

      why worry about the colour if there is a paint job

      about 14 days ago
    • Govindaraj A
      Govindaraj A

      I plan to Buy Bolero suv

      about 14 days ago
    • henri isagan
      henri isagan

      Im 25, single, no family. Ill buy the car i want.

      about 15 days ago
    • َ ٰ
      َ ٰ In reply to henri isagan


      about 2 days ago
    • Il3gg 14
      Il3gg 14

      No midnight purple is the best colour on a car in the universe

      about 16 days ago
    • Sandy Degener
      Sandy Degener

      Pay Cash.

      about 17 days ago
    • Bayu Wedangga
      Bayu Wedangga

      ford escape 2004

      about 18 days ago
    • mohit verma
      mohit verma

      Not informative.

      about 21 day ago
    • pindiwal

      Always buy a used 1-3 year old car. Always buy with at least 5,000-9,000 miles. Price will be much much lower then brand new.

      about 23 days ago
    • pindiwal

      Make a budget and stick to it. If it's $10k, offer the salesman $8.5k or $8k then walk away....walk away. Let them sleep on it. DON'T INCREASE YOUR BUDGET.

      about 23 days ago
    • Nirmalya Misra
      Nirmalya Misra

      Public transport anyone?

      about 29 days ago
    • Keerthi Vasan
      Keerthi Vasan

      It's better not to buy a car, unnecessarily we don't need to think too much about it 😂😂

      about 1 month ago
    • Bhandara Boys
      Bhandara Boys

      Buy a car, rent it, earn more money, buy second car, rent it, earn more more.

      about 1 month ago
    • Valiant Patriot
      Valiant Patriot

      We are still driving a Mazda 323 brought from the year 1994.

      about 1 month ago
    • Minty Passion
      Minty Passion In reply to Valiant Patriot

      WHAT! Change it! Not asking to waste money,buy a used 5-6 year old mazda.

      about 4 days ago
    • Valiant Patriot
      Valiant Patriot In reply to Valiant Patriot

      My dad fix our car.

      about 16 days ago