Latest videos, stories and comments from the North American Roads. Ep. #52
00:32 Story from cammer: You can see a large gold Mercedes Benz S500 driven by yours truly, come into view with a Dodge Ram 2500 in hot pursuit.
The Dodge becomes impatient, floors it & then goes around all the traffic blocking him. Then for some bizarre reason before he is even out of the on-ramp lane, slams on the brakes and cuts hard to the left, ending up deaccelerating hard right in front of me. Unfortunately, I only had time to turn the wheel hard to the right before striking the Dodge hard on the right side of his bumper.
As a result of the impact, the Dodge slams into the barricade and bounces off. While that's happening, the Mercedes slides into a position pointed at and perpendicular to the Dodge. Then the wheels gain traction, careening the Mercedes into the passenger side of the Dodge, causing the Dodge to do a 360 in the highway.
Immediately after t-boning the Dodge, I hit the barricade hard enough to raise my front tire off the ground. Hitting the barricade was the third impact I experienced. I had my seat-belt on, the airbags deployed and thankfully, of course, I was in a Mercedes; a strong and heavy car.
The video was captured with a dash cam in a car behind the melee. After the accident, the driver approached me holding a hand-full of wires and cables and said something to the effect that he had caught it all on tape and would I like to buy it? I ended up buying the camera, all the cables and the chip that, as you can see,
did, in fact, have the entire accident on it for $500 cash on the spot. After I bought the items, I walked up to the driver of the Dodge who was standing by the side of the road, and I told him that I am a lawyer, he just committed assault with a deadly weapon upon me, and it's all on tape. (I didn't mention that I was a personal injury and criminal defense lawyer; both of which are germane here since assault with a deadly weapon is a crime and of course,
a personal injury matter.)
01:10 Video was shortened but Older BMW Driver has road rage. Driver was speeding drastically. Driver was cutting people off left and right and ended up getting off the same exit and stuck at the same light as myself (speeding doesn't really pay off). But the driver apparently thought I was following him, even though this was my daily commute. Driver pulls off into a parking lot and then pulls out to follow me. As I notice this I decided to go down a road that I'm not familiar with to avoid him following me home. He ends up blocking me in and acts like a big shot until I point out the dash cam. As a CCW I try to avoid situations like this, but this guy really wanted to rage against me. Luckily I was able to deescalate the ordeal.
04:00 A Seattle woman has been filmed driving at a group of pedestrians after she claimed a snowball hit her jeep. The woman is seen mounting the snow-covered sidewalks on Capitol Hill and accelerating towards a group of people, who flee up the bank. Once the Jeep comes to a halt, the woman exits the car and approaches one of the passersby, throwing punches at the man.
According to local media, Seattle Police confirmed that they arrested the woman for reckless driving and DUI.
05:25 Road rage suspect followed my neighbor home. Male passenger got out of the car threatening to fight. Got back in the car and driver proceeded to spray my neighbor in the face. Took off while running a stop sign.
05:58 story from cammer: Heard these 2 yelling at each other and went to have a look. After they both stopped and got back in their cars, the guy in front didn't drive away and was blocking the woman from leaving. video starts when she attempts to drive around him.
08:09 Woman kept blaring her horn at me to drive faster and then when I wouldn't let her try to pull in front of me, she pulled up next to me and asked me if that was how I drove in "my country" and "That's why Trump is trying to get rid of your ass."
09:05 While waiting in a long double drive through lane at a Macdonald's, a vehicle with two women decided to cut in front of another vehicle who had been waiting parallel to me for quite some time. After a few people where trying to bring to her attention that they had just cut in line and almost hit the vehicle, the passenger exited the car and began to verbally berate the driver with insults and racial slurs of car whom they had just cut in front and almost hit. Me seeing this pulled out my phone and recorded the incident, then the women started cursing at me and told me to go back to my country.



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      11:45 is HILARIOUS.. from the “oh shit” to the “nooooo!!”

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      8:28 I’m disgusted at our species yooo Lmaoo how you black, you know what minorities go through but throwing stones at her for being Hispanic. THEN wanna throw Trump in the equation...

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      Last one = Was it a pig screaming?

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      Some people must have the financial stability to crash their cars when they get road rage.

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      13:01 no she isn't. That cop is clearly struggling to make an arrest and probably won't until she gets backup lol. She's just free swinging and doing no damage.

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      When police tells you something do it it's that simple

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      That guy at 10 minutes is acting all high and mighty as if he isn't serving as a catalyst that keeps making shit worse lol

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      These videos make me hate people.

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      that guy in the 3 minute had to bust his windows too.

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      @whothat gurl Actually it's usually the bitches who antagonize men which is why they get the shit beaten out of them or get killed.

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      @cc cc And the guy who said it is the faggot of the year. Lol Hiding in his car like a bitch.

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      The worst, most disgusting people in the world are white women.

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      Get your permit and carry a gun people.

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      Lol goes to show you. Unless it's OC spray it's worthless. Dud acts like she sprayed water on him ha

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      8:50 Guess she didn't get the memo that Trump doesn't like black people.

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      Hispanics are causing all the problems

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      What is going on in the last clip?? And why aren't the police car's lights on?

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