There’s a muscle-car war brewing in Detroit these days. Right as the handling-champion Z/28 goes out of production, Ford delivers a Shelby-badged suckerpunch with a flat-plane-crank V8, MR dampers, and carbon fiber wheels. Head 2 Head host Jason Cammisa takes the two through a series of challenges: first, some canyon carving to see which car is better on the road. Then, a dyno shootout: can the GT350R’s 5.2-liter Voodoo make more power than the venerable 7.0-liter LS7? And then, it’s onto Chuckwalla Valley Raceway where Jason and racecar driver Randy Pobst find out not only which one is faster around the track, but which car handles best. No muscle-car comparison test would be complete without a drag race, of course, so Cammisa lines up the cars with the help of his cousin Bob from West Virginia. This episode of Head 2 Head, presented by Tire Rack (, is the one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the latest Detroit muscle-car rivalry.

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    • Karla Guzman
      Karla Guzman

      me encanta encanta muchos laicos

      about 1 day ago
    • Brian Francis
      Brian Francis

      And I can't stop giggling!!! I used to own an 86 Mustang with a 351C and a Borg-Warner t45. I only got pulled over for speeding once. Officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going, and I said no, because the speedo only went to 85. He had me clocked at 137, but only gave me a warning.

      about 3 days ago
    • Brian Francis
      Brian Francis

      I love the fact that he swears!!!

      about 3 days ago
    • zIHated

      The 2.9k dislikes must be Chevy lovers

      about 5 days ago
    • V8EATER

      Z/28 is not in same league as shelby 350

      about 6 days ago
    • armadillotoe

      One thing I don't believe you addressed is drivability on the road, but if you buy one of these you really are buying it for the track I suppose.

      about 7 days ago
    • animal16365

      Anyone notice that when hes driving the mustang. It's raining. But all the external shots its sunny

      about 7 days ago
    • Tim Peters
      Tim Peters

      The mustang is going after the Corvette (no comparison​) as far as styling and performance. Still has a long way to go. While the Camaro looks like a muscle car the mustang have morfed into a sports car. Both have awesome power and handling but for a few bucks more I'll take a Corvette.

      about 7 days ago
    • احمد الريسي
      احمد الريسي

      If you're looking for a car that you like, its voice and driving you crave to run every morning it’s a mustang shelby 350 and And I think 526 horses are very good, even if you get 1000 horse, someone on the street will be stronger than you 👍

      about 9 days ago
    • Virgil Hudson
      Virgil Hudson

      I thank he in love with the car go mustang

      about 10 days ago
    • Larseus

      All my life I have been a Ford Mustang person. This puts a smile on my face that even as a kid, it was my car of choice, it has the looks, the sound, and the power! Respect to Chevy Camaro though, I am not hating on it. It's an amazing car as well!

      about 12 days ago
    • Ish

      Anybody else think of Barricade vs Bee?

      about 13 days ago
    • Irene Salinas-Sousa
      Irene Salinas-Sousa


      about 14 days ago
    • Anthony Polito
      Anthony Polito

      HELLO to all the Ford Geeks...before ya'll loose it in your pants... facts are the Camaro is heavier, and the wheel base is over 5"s longer, than the mustang. The engine has much more torque than the Mustang, but the weight is killing the torque. With that being said, GM has to correct this problem, and I'm told they will.

      about 20 days ago
    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas

      Just got taken to Gapplebees by the R.... You've been Gaptized in the dust and gravel.

      about 20 days ago
    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas In reply to Aaron Thomas

      +Vernon Price Wait... are you still here? Brother, I get it. you drive a Camaro and you've gotten your feelings hurt and you're one of those pedants that just NEEDS to as you say "set people straight". You've made a ton of suppositions that have required GREAT leaps to conclusion never asserted. You're just arguing with points that only you've made and asserted. You're raging behind a screen, son. Semper Fi, Yut, Er, Kill, Stay Motivated and all that good stuff. "Knowaddaymean, Vern?"

      about 14 days ago
    • Vernon Price
      Vernon Price In reply to Aaron Thomas

      Aaron Thomas "I like that you're mad about this without reason."

      Oh there's totally a reason. The reason is that I enjoy setting idiots straight.

      "You're behaving like a little girl."

      You're attempting to insult me by calling me a little girl. Who's actually acting like a little girl here?

      " You care so much about something that matters so little"

      Wrong again, this is not about the cars, this is about your ignorance of the cars. Did you seriously not understand that? You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?

      "'I'm going to just have fun with you all day as long as you keep up this nonsense"

      That's what I like to hear; the hypocrisy of you telling me how dumb I am for caring so much about this, then immediately afterward saying how you're going to keep doing it all day. It's like you can't hear yourself speaking. No, go ahead. Show me how little you care about this by replying to me ALL DAY. THAT will show me. 😂😂😂😂😂

      "Yes, I... as an organic chemist working on an Alzheimer's disease cure, am stupid."

      You used the words "gapplebees" and "gaptized". Overwhelming evidence that confirms your stupidity. And that's in addition to not knowing what year it is and not knowing what generation Camaro the 2015 Z/28 is, or even what the differences are between the gen 5 and the gen 6. It's not like I have to build a case to prove that you're stupid. All that plus all your blatant contradictions as outlined above pretty much says it all.

      Now reply to me again to show me how much you don't care, because it matters so little. You know, like you just told me. 😂😂😂😂

      about 14 days ago
    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas In reply to Aaron Thomas

      +Vernon PriceYes, I... as an organic chemist working on an Alzheimer's disease cure, am stupid.

      about 14 days ago
    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas In reply to Aaron Thomas

      +Vernon PriceI like that you're mad about this without reason. You're behaving like a little girl. You care so much about something that matters so little and I'm going to just have fun with you all day as long as you keep up this nonsense

      about 14 days ago
    • Vernon Price
      Vernon Price In reply to Aaron Thomas

      Aaron Thomas "but that’s not what happened this day."

      Because this was a FIFTH GENERATION CAMARO. Are you stupid or something?

      "my comment stands."

      Your comment was referencing a FIFTH GEN CAMARO.

      "Also I couldn’t care less about the infantile obsession with brand rivalry amongst consumers"

      You're literally displaying an infantile obsession with brand rivalry right now.

      "I’m all about American muscle irrespective of who makes it"

      If you respected the Camaro, would you really be making infantile jokes about being gapped? Really? Think about it.

      "And yes I understand the concept of time"

      Do you, though? Would your comments hold up today, with a current day Mustang and a current day Z/28 equivalent, i.e. the ZL1 1LE?

      about 14 days ago
    • juanrios 3322
      juanrios 3322

      Its a year older and its a z/28 so idk

      about 21 day ago
    • Hot Rod Prospector
      Hot Rod Prospector

      Mustang will always be BOSS

      about 21 day ago
    • Tom Nekuda
      Tom Nekuda

      Considering both of these cars.......I was born too early....... i'll take one of each, thank you....

      about 23 days ago
    • Mike Thaler
      Mike Thaler

      Like he said. The LS7 came out in 2006, it took ford 10 years later to actually come out with a decent motor

      about 24 days ago
    • Mike Thaler
      Mike Thaler

      Cam that LS7 then let’s see who’s better

      about 24 days ago
    • Trigger

      this really does not say anything, just a talking mustang fan, and for sure paid. Jaja

      every lap or race the car and the driver can behave in different ways, there are so many things.
      Now, I have two camaros a V6 320 HP 2015 Convertible Red, and a V8 659 HP ZL1 automatic 10 change.

      but let's not talk about it, let's talk about this better, CAMARO # 14 of the fastest cars in the world, see the tests, besides Chevrolet and Ford are Brothers NOT enemies.

      about 25 days ago
    • ray sanchez
      ray sanchez

      i take the old lady

      about 26 days ago
    • woodyfive0

      The LS7 in the camaro is the best sounding factory V8 EVER

      about 27 days ago
    • Joshua Sean
      Joshua Sean In reply to woodyfive0


      about 12 days ago
    • tingokuman

      The last great Camaro

      about 29 days ago
    • Vernon Price
      Vernon Price In reply to tingokuman

      The Alpha Camaros are all way WAY better than the 5th gens.

      about 14 days ago
    • MentleGentlemen

      This guys should hop on a 1000cc super sport and lets see how much he smiles and giggles after he full throttle ls that puppy, the sense of speed is so much more apparent.

      about 1 month ago
    • Believe Inyourself
      Believe Inyourself

      I will take the z28.7.0 push rod all day.

      about 1 month ago
    • Naveenen Ganesan
      Naveenen Ganesan

      What a joke they obviously upgraded the mustang whereas they didn’t upgrade the camaro. You can clearly see the way they drove the car around the circuit. The traction control has so much difference. The camaro is so much better in many different ways

      about 1 month ago
    • StangBrosTV
      StangBrosTV In reply to Naveenen Ganesan

      Naveenen Ganesan tell me. What was upgraded in the mustang?

      about 19 days ago
    • Wayne Johnstone
      Wayne Johnstone

      I just watched motorweek compare the 1982 mustang and Camaro. Interesting to hear the announcer talk about how awesome they were - both cars were in the 15.5 sec range. Crazy what these new versions are and what they can do now. Love the 50ish year old rivalry!

      about 1 month ago
    • JerseyMikeP

      FYI, It took DODGE to build a FORD that they could sell and stay in business.

      about 1 month ago
    • Wop

      So the camaro can’t down shift an take off to poor clip of z28

      about 1 month ago
    • JerseyMikeP
      JerseyMikeP In reply to Wop

      LOL...when a 526hp FORD ONLY makes as much power as a 505hp Chevy. FORD Fake news like All bugatti top speed. GT500 doing 200 mph.... only if it's PUSHED by a Hellcat charger. GTFOH.#BlueOVALFAGS.

      about 1 month ago