At Geneva International Motor Show 2015 Bugatti was celebrating the Veyron, the fastest production supercar in the world whose performance has captivated legions of fans around the world since its launch in 2005. The world première of the final and 450th Veyron marked the culmination of an unprecedented chapter in automotive history. When the Bugatti Veyron was first announced at the end of the nineties, many people were sceptical that the basic parameters could ever work. With more than 1,000 PS, a top speed in excess of 400 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 in less than three seconds, the doubters thought it simply impossible to produce a super sports car with this level of performance while remaining controllable and drivable. Bugatti engineers had to push the limits of physics and do things that had never been done before in automotive development. The Veyron is the first and only super sports car designed and built to handle any driving situation at any time in its production configuration. Where other super sports cars and hyper cars require special preparation for individual driving situations, the Veyron automatically adjusts its settings at lightning speed without any input from the driver. Have a rare insight into the Bugatti production in Molsheim, France, and witness the process of manufacturing the last of its kind, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse „La Finale“.


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      “Au revoir Veyron.”

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      et merci pour tonton

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      moi je suis comme une pute à l'église en attendant le verdict 😂

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      Kenny Sabarly tonton dans quelques jours il va nous surprendre avec celle la 🤩 LA FINALE freroww

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      It looks perfect!!

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      my favorite car

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      😍😍😍😍😍😍bugatti veyron la finale

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      Akram va l’achetée

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      José Ospina

      Do you want luxury? Buy a Mercedes Benz
      Do you want class? Buy a Rolls Royce
      Do you want acceleration? Buy a GTR
      Do you want comfort? Buy a BMW
      Do you want all them together? Buy a Bugatti.

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      This is what is called rolling art.

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      Bugatti Veyron RIP [*] 2005-2015

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      2018 but still.. Honor

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      J'aime la voiture bugatti

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      Last veyron😭 this is an example how emotional cars can be

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      R.I.P veyron.

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      This is a masterpiece, a piece of art... Maybe on the far future this will be in a museum

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      musique pleasee

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      meu sonho o vitesse

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      bugatti is the best

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      I know koeniggsegg is better, but that engineering is hard to make

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      Why does the veyron look so sad

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