2018 BMW X7 price, specs and release date

BMW X7 SUV concept revealed
Will be the largest car BMW makes
It’ll have a plug-in hybrid version

Photos of the BMW X7 SUV concept have been leaked via Bimmerpost. When the production model is launched, it’ll be the largest model BMW has ever built. The X7 is a luxurious seven-seater SUV built to rival the upcoming Mercedes GLS and will feature powerful engines and a plug-in-hybrid version.

There’s no disguising the X7 concept’s size and the styling does little to understate it. The firm’s signature ‘kidney’ grilles are massive – easily the largest versions ever fitted to a BMW – and the slender headlights help them look even bigger. The enormous alloy wheels fitted to this concept enhance its imposing image, though it’s not clear if they’ll make it to the production model.

At the back, tall air ducts accentuate the car’s width and the slim LED brakelights are similar to those used on the recent Z4 concept. It’s expected that both of these elements will be toned down before production although, overall, the finished car is expected to bear a striking resemblance to this concept.

Besides a few concept design touches, the X7’s interior looks very close to what could be fitted on a production model. The two large digital screens will almost certainly be kept – one to replace traditional dials and one to deal with the infotainment and navigation. The latest version of BMW’s gesture control will feature allowing passengers to alter settings with a wave of their hand.

A full-length glass sunroof lets light flood into the cabin and this could well be an option on the finished X7. Passengers in the middle row will be treated to lots of leg and headroom, while the two iPad-sized screens on the back of the front seats could also remain. The X7 will be BMW’s most expensive and luxurious SUV, so the materials will feel plush and premium.

Engines and driving
Under the behemoth bonnet, it’s expected that there’ll be a choice of petrol and diesel six-cylinder 3.0-litre turbo engines and a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol with 445hp. These photos also show an electric charging point by the front doors, meaning the X7 will probably come with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain consisting of a four-cylinder turbo engine, a powerful electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack offering limited electric-only range

Price and release date
It’s only a concept for now but when the production BMW X7 gets released, entry level models should cost around £75,000, while fast V8 versions could cost upwards of £110,000. It’s likely to be revealed at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show and it could arrive in showrooms in late 2018.

2018 BMW X7 latest news (updated 2017)
BMW X7 spied undergoing testing
A choice of three power plants could be offered
It’s thought to be BMW’s flagship SUV
Is expected to go on sale in 2018
The upcoming BMW X7 will be the firm’s largest SUV when it makes its debut sometime in 2018. This seven-seater model is expected to be a colossal five-metres long, helping it wage battle against full-sized SUVs such as the upcoming Audi Q8, Ranger Rover Velar and Mercedes GLS. Images courtesy of Autoevolution give us a glimpse of this upcoming model being put through its paces.
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