Applies to 2015-18 models built after July 2015

Rating: Marginal

A frontal small overlap crash test was conducted on a 2015 Ram 1500 at 64.3 km/h and a 25 ± 1 percent overlap on
the driver side. A Hybrid III 50th percentile male dummy was positioned in the driver seat with the lap/shoulder belt

The Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab was redesigned for the 2009 model year. The make name "Dodge" was officially changed to "Ram" beginning
with the 2013 model year.

Beginning with 2015 models built after July 2015, structural changes were made to alter front wheel movement during small overlap
frontal crashes. (Information about when a specific vehicle was manufactured is on the certification label typically affixed to
the car on the driver door or adjacent B-pillar.)

During the crash, the dummy’s head briefly loaded the frontal airbag but then rolled around it to the left side. The
steering column moved 13 cm rightward as the dummy moved to the left. The side curtain airbag deployed and has sufficient
forward coverage to protect the head from contact with side structure and outside objects.

The driver's space was seriously compromised by intruding structure. Lower interior intrusion measured as much as 40 cm at the
footrest and parking brake pedal. Upper interior intrusion measured as much as 39 cm at the upper hinge pillar and 34 cm at the
instrument panel. The steering column was pushed back 27 cm toward the driver dummy.

The left upper tibia L-M moment was -157 Nm, significantly contributing to the left upper tibia index of 0.82. The left lower
tibia L-M moment was -286 Nm, significantly contributing to the left lower tibia index of 1.33. The left lower leg skin was deeply
gouged and the left ankle rotation ball was deformed.

HIC - Head Injury Criterion

HIC (Driver): 267