Today we get to see the results of the three trail trucks my friends unboxed the other day in this video ( They were hard at work all week painting and getting these trucks ready so we could trail today! Who knew that last night it would snow 15cm, and BOY ARE WE HAPPY WE HAVE 1/8 scale Trail Trucks!!

This course is nearly impossible for 1/10th scale trail trucks in the winter driving conditions like we have today - but these 1/8 scale trucks are chewing their way through the terrain. The Slippery wood is still an issue, with the rubber tires quickly freezing in the cold snow. The heavier weight of the vehicles add traction, but also add to the difficulty in some areas. They slide sideways easier, and add a level of realism I really enjoy. For those who were smart enough to install a winch - it aided in the traction in some areas. For others, wheel speed was the key. All in all, these trucks performed very well, and the four of us are rusty as HECK in this snow! We have not winter driven in almost 7 months.. but we are glad to be challenged again!

This is the first time these guys have driven this model.. and it is VERY DIFFERENT than driving a 1/10 scale truck. Proportions, weight, suspension movement - its ALL DIFFERENT.

I believe 1/8 scale crawling is the next "BIG THING" in the world of RC trail trucking. It's going to open a whole new sector for aftermarket parts, and competitions, world wide. Mark my words.

So many viewers always ask me where I get the models I show in my films, so I have learned to leave a link in the video description to help those who can discover it. I do not make any kind of "kickback" for mentioning the website, but I think it helps viewers who want to know more.

Multi-Connection Formed Steel Crawler Chassis, new design frame can reduce the frame weight and ensure the strength of the crawler.
Alloy Front and Rear Axles are strong and durable. The kingpin caster angle is 8°degree, Kingpin inclination angle is 8°degree.
Cragsman takes full advantage of its excellent 45 degree steering angle to get better traction, you can easily clear the technical terrain obstacle.
Remote Control Front and Rear Diff Locks. Cragsman makes you can lock and unlock the front and rear differentials to adjust your driving needs directly from your transmitter.
Partition transmission system. Shift Between 2WD and 4WD easily, remote controlled by transmitter
Remote control High/Low 2 speed transmission. Low speed gear ratio is 2.6, high speed gear ratio is 1.8.
High simulated spare wheel carrier with full size of Wheel.
2inch wheel rim (PROCOMP authorized) and 5.3X2.2R2.2 super soft tires (Mark Ma authorized)
Modular design makes disassembly and assembly easy.
Traction Hobby design-THT6 Transmitter 6 channels
Traction Hobby Customized HW-WP-860-DUAL-RTR 60A brush ESC
RS550 37T Brushed Crawler Motor

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    • Jolene Vilis
      Jolene Vilis

      I know that these things take time to catch on,but six months on I see nothing of "The Next Big Thing ". I am thinking back to the Slash introduction, six months on and Short Course trucks ruled the RC, and still does today. Just Saying.

      about 1 month ago
    • Tommys RC
      Tommys RC

      Did sluice box Steve paint the outside or inside? I want to use this colour scheme on my new scx10 body

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    • Sluicebox Steve
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      I painted the inside

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    • Kevin M Joyce
      Kevin M Joyce

      Love the videos. And I want to take part in this hobby but I need help. Of course im not gonna pay a lot for my first one. Yes I have had rcs as a kid and i have a drone and chopper, nothing fancy. But I dont want to pay no more then $250 because just like my real car, I like doing upgrades... Can anyone help with the best off road truck for the price??? RcSparks your the blame for me trying a new hobby!!!

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      There's that negativity again.. it's like we are going in circles! .. the world is not all bad. I hope you had some fun with this.. :) Check out my channel.. you might really like the different styles of RC's that are there ...

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      Please see my recent video for the answer:

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