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    • aquateen77723

      Looks great in black! Very nice. I would buy one if I didn't love my current car.

      about 6 years ago
    • snicsoccer19

      the redesigned Honda civic may not be better than before, but still looks pretty bad ass if you add the right features to it :) especially in crystal black pearl! I LOVE MY NEW CIVIC :) BLACK PANTHER IS BEAST! haha

      about 7 years ago
    • J Nvus
      J Nvus

      Scion tc looks better!

      about 7 years ago
    • cArLoS gAbRiEl mUñOz CrUz
      cArLoS gAbRiEl mUñOz CrUz

      The 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe look much better!

      about 7 years ago
    • MrCarGuy20

      They should bring it over as an Acura Integra..

      about 7 years ago
    • flexor212000

      whew that civic is one ugly beast now.

      about 7 years ago
    • 30mmBallistic

      All I see is 2004...bring over the euro civic pls, Ford did this with the Focus and it rocks.

      about 7 years ago
    • MoskvaMorten

      looks like they welded a Hyundai Tiburion rignt to the B-pilar. front looks great, nice interior - rear looks like shaite.

      about 7 years ago
    • bmwmsport11

      They just don't make these like the older ones. There's too much saftey tech that it messes with the performance. I'd be glad to find a 1997-2000 civic coupe base and add on a b16. Cause then you get raw performance. Great video

      about 7 years ago
    • cebuanostud

      wow i kinda like the new Si

      about 7 years ago