AutoTrader and a group of young people give their opinion on the MG3 supermini.

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    • Gerard Moore
      Gerard Moore


      about 3 months ago
    • Tiago Farias
      Tiago Farias

      Everyone is talking about how it's an advert but can we just point out that this guy is from honest john

      about 1 year ago
    • Andre Choque
      Andre Choque

      What is the band? Please

      about 2 years ago
    • Mike Humble
      Mike Humble In reply to Andre Choque

      It's a loop made from a track by Harvey Danger called "Flagpole Sitta"

      about 1 year ago
    • JoshCB

      Have to agree with simonmd2000, what are Autotrader doing here? How much were they paid for this 'review'? - "Ohhh it feels really solid, like money has been spent on making this car" - what? Who talks like that. You can literally hear the sheets of notes from SAIC being shuffled to get all their USPs mentioned within 3 minutes. Unfortunately, these are quite clearly models and the script has been written by a 60 year old executive who thinks he knows how a young audience think and talk, but really he is clueless, and just going for his pay cheque. Probably supping a Pernod with his pipe as I write.

      Dont insult people's intelligence with an infomercial - either have an honest, independent review OR present an advert in 30 seconds. This is an abject lesson in how NOT to present your product (on a deceit) in 2017 - are you all listening AD Agency? Stop treating people like sheep, put down your marketing certificate and THINK about what you are doing. This is short sighted, client smooching (rather than audience appealing) rubbish and damaging to the brand NOT developing it. Or GOD forbid encouraging sales.

      That aside, the MG 3 DOES offer great value for money / features / presentation options in the small car bracket starting at £7K + VAT if you want something with heritage, fun handling tweaked by British engineers and a qwerky character. However, the 1.5 engine is restricted and under-powered (on purpose) to keep the insurance low, the gears are notchy, the cabin looks like it belongs in a Tupperware catalogue and it has drum brakes at the rear... something that belong on a tractor and / or in Stone Henge. A VW Polo GTi this is not, at all, but then its 6K cheaper so you get what you pay for. And its kind of British (Chinese) rather than nondescript German, a significant bonus.

      Q. Would I buy it? Yes, for my Grandma (so she couldn't drive fast enough to hurt herself) or for my 17 year old (who will probably prang it in the first 2 weeks - its cheap to repair / writeoff).

      Q. Could the MG3 be saved? Yes, of course. (1) SAIC should take the MG badge off this car (disgraceful misrepresentation) and put ROEWE on it, add a diesel engine with an automatic option and sell it to OAPs. They will love it and it will be cheap to buy / run / service for them. (2) Keep the MG badge, put a 2.0 lt twin cam under the bonnet with 180 BHP, add 17" wheels, lower the suspension, get a Peugeot gearbox, go rallying. Sell this option for 12K and you will clear up in the 25 to 40 bracket (male and female). People want this car (look at Mini Cooper sales), especially former MG owners. Even if you have 2 kids a dog and an estate, there is always room for the small, perky second car for work runs and evenings out. We are married, not dead.

      Q. Would I buy another MG today? Yes of course, if you get back to what the brand represents. This can be done whilst also still serving the budget conscious and even your new (under powered / no 4 wheel drive) SUV. I understand the economics and the fact that the UK market is not really your target (China is booming, British brand locally has a strong USP, turnover good) , BUT, if you don't get this right over here you might as well withdraw. Look at the MGTF / MG6 buy backs and poor traction leading to extinction - you would be better following the early 1980's Subaru UK model - ignite the youthful imagination through motorsport, then put a version in the showroom that at least tries to emulate this. The early Impreza was cheap / basic in every respect except performance and reliability. We loved it.

      Background: British, Yorkshireman, male, 20 years a professional designer (now Creative Director), 16 years in Marketing (former Global Marketing Director), web app developer 12 years (Digital Director), MGR owner 5 times (Rover Vitesse V8 / Rover 820i / Rover 214 SEi / Landrover Discovery series 1 / MG ZS 190 V6 2.5 Mk2 WSR). I still own the upgraded ZS - 12 years on it still gets second looks, along with a Subaru Legacy Type RE and a Team Fuji carbon racing cycle.

      about 2 years ago
    • simonmd2000

      Who are you trying to kid? This isnt a 'Test Drive'. its an ADVERT. I have nothing against the brand, company or even the car (which looks pretty nice I have to say), I even learned to drive in my Mother's MG Metro back in the '80s so do have alot of affection for the brand. Just please MG, BE HONEST and dont treat us like idiots. You want to make an advert, cool, I hope it goes well but dont call this a 'Test Drive', it just comes across as dishonest.

      about 2 years ago
    • Andy Smith
      Andy Smith

      I would love to have some of the options for this that the rest of the world gets like a cream dash that would look beautiful. I'd like to see it look like a Rover from the good old days.

      about 2 years ago
    • JoshCB
      JoshCB In reply to Andy Smith

      But its not an MG mate or even a Rover, in fact truth, its not even been built for the British market. The real market for SAIC is China, which is vast compared to Europe with less conditions and hoops to jump through. Commercially which market would you go after? The clues are all there including drum brakes on the rear, no diesel option and no hot version - they dont need these things in China. Don't confuse it for Japan (Subaru, Honda, Nissan) - completely different culture / market. Shame really.

      about 2 years ago