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    • Vehicle Virgins
      Vehicle Virgins

      Hey guys, I just uploaded a race of my Huracan vs Salomondrins 720s! It's absolutely insane. Click the link to watch it now before it drops on youtube!

      about 1 year ago
    • Mikey McMikeFace
      Mikey McMikeFace In reply to Vehicle Virgins

      I hate the music.

      about 2 months ago
    • racehorse racehorse.
      racehorse racehorse. In reply to Vehicle Virgins

      Mike Samra umm, why

      about 3 months ago
    • Su Goi
      Su Goi

      HAHAHHHAHAHA that guy has me ded

      about 3 hours ago
    • Ravi Arya
      Ravi Arya

      The trunk is big 不不不不不不不

      about 1 day ago
    • Sandmanxx 28
      Sandmanxx 28

      2:23 I would be freaking out lol 1 she is not buckled, 2 she is on someones lap lol

      about 2 days ago
    • Daniel Yates
      Daniel Yates

      10:52 phil says its a normal door and didn't realise when he got in.

      about 2 days ago
    • Elite gamer
      Elite gamer

      And This video is sponsored by uber

      about 4 days ago
    • Szyszek

      OG Lambo huracan

      about 4 days ago
    • Carl Jones
      Carl Jones

      Only legend talk about mileage in a Lamborghini.

      about 5 days ago
    • A P Developments
      A P Developments

      Bet he sniffed the seat after those 2 babes. The vet (lambo) gets em wet!

      about 5 days ago
    • Evan Nicholson
      Evan Nicholson

      Great stuff!

      about 7 days ago
    • Andrew Piovesana
      Andrew Piovesana

      What type of car is that yellow one

      about 7 days ago
    • Old Velvet
      Old Velvet In reply to Andrew Piovesana

      Corvette Z06

      about 6 days ago
    • Arnold Atuhaire
      Arnold Atuhaire

      Phil is such a nice guy... A fun guy :) #kawhiL

      about 9 days ago
    • joey!!! joey boy
      joey!!! joey boy

      The grandpa is zo niiiiiice

      about 10 days ago
    • Hype

      Is no one ganna talk about how he showed like 4 licenses plates XD (exaggeration, it was just 2)

      about 10 days ago
    • Parker Stollings
      Parker Stollings

      My name is parker to

      about 11 days ago
    • Geloof Hoop en Liefde
      Geloof Hoop en Liefde

      Using a handphone whilst driving is illegal in Holland,when caught it is costing you some 300 dollars fine.

      about 12 days ago
    • Alex McDonald
      Alex McDonald

      This was my very first video of you I watched and I gotta say it was pretty good.

      about 12 days ago
    • Neon Gamer279
      Neon Gamer279

      How do you get these cars?

      about 14 days ago
    • sousou la marine
      sousou la marine

      green prius olk

      about 16 days ago
    • timothy whitmer
      timothy whitmer

      Vehicle Orgasms

      about 18 days ago
    • Jacob Ramsey
      Jacob Ramsey

      That chick in the white. Dude!! You could of got her number in a heartbeat.

      about 20 days ago
    • Alan Fernando
      Alan Fernando

      Se o carro 矇 meu e batem a porta desse jeito..mano...

      about 21 day ago
    • Leon Chour
      Leon Chour


      about 22 days ago
    • Kingster Sreejit
      Kingster Sreejit

      I love these two girl's....they love the car

      about 22 days ago
    • GGZII


      about 22 days ago
    • Antonman

      I'm in a green prius

      about 22 days ago
    • Emiel Eijermans
      Emiel Eijermans

      Cheerleader effect.

      about 24 days ago
    • jamiecivic

      This guy always features under agers

      about 25 days ago
    • Natalie Helferty
      Natalie Helferty

      Ottawa Tribe Band Members as Musicians are Volunteered by Clarissa Spencer of Ottawa Tribe. The Spencer's own Marks & Spencer.

      about 26 days ago
    • Natalie Helferty
      Natalie Helferty


      about 26 days ago