This is probably the easiest gearbox mod I’ve ever done. Going swimmingly well n’ stuff.


    • Gabriel Silvaz
      Gabriel Silvaz

      Nice 👍👍👍

      Got one of the new kits same color as yours and it has the bigger gearbox like you’re talking about not knowing about this new gear box. I paid $29 at eBay. I got to stay it’s it’s definitely lower geared and the housing is bigger so main drive shaft it’s not super close to the motor anymore which is nice. sometimes I buy kits Just for spare parts and softer tires. the truck came a few days before you uploaded this video and after watching your video couple times I realized that maybe I got one of those and I guess I do. going to try to see how it runs on one of these MN-90s or something

      about 8 days ago
    • Ernste Lidén
      Ernste Lidén

      And be does it again😊
      You realy are the wiz with those gearboxes.
      Great job and video..
      As always i might ad.
      Thanx buddy👍

      about 10 days ago
    • HobbyDaddy
      HobbyDaddy In reply to Ernste Lidén

      The only really difficult part of this project was cutting the gearbox.  Has to be done carefully.  Otherwise, it's been pretty easy and straight forward.  Just setting the epoxy now and in a few minutes I'll do another vid and show the finished product. Thanks again bro.

      about 10 days ago
    • Hansaka Nakulugamage
      Hansaka Nakulugamage

      Sounds great.want to see the running video
      I agree with you. I also like these toys with low speed but more torque

      about 10 days ago
    • HobbyDaddy
      HobbyDaddy In reply to Hansaka Nakulugamage

      Yep, should be a big improvement for climbing power.  No cost!  Ha!

      about 10 days ago