The mysterious jungle is known to be the home of many different species – and humans, unfortunately, aren’t among them. In fact, when we hear the word jungle, we tend to run away from it as fast as possible. It sounds cozier to sit at home, watch tv and enjoy our everyday luxuries, like a nice cup of hot cocoa on a Saturday afternoon.

But one fearless man decided to explore the jungle and embarked on a wild journey. So the question is: why did this man choose such a lifestyle? Living in the wilderness, hunting in dangerous weather and swimming in crocodile-infested waters? Well, one thing is for sure, Michael Fomenko is no ordinary man. So, let’s find out what happened from the beginning.

Was he part royalty?! 1:10
Traveling on foot for about a month 1:38
Michael becomes a star athlete 3:11
Transformation into the real-life Tarzan 4:12
Life in the jungle 5:20
So was he insane? 6:25
The best choice he could’ve made 7:47
Michael's pranks 8:21

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- Even though Michael’s latter life choices could be considered primitive, he had a luxurious upbringing. He was part royalty. His father was a Cossack and his mother, a Georgian Princess.
- Poverty became an issue that the family had to face. And to survive, they took all the valuable things they had, sold them, forged their identifications, and embarked on a journey of survival.
- Unfortunately, safety was still an issue in China, so the family decided to move to Japan, which was more secure.
- A few years went by, and Michael’s father decided that it’d be safer to move the family again. He suspected that a political conflict was about to happen, and he didn’t want his family to be part of that.
- This time, they moved to Sydney, Australia, and they restarted their lives with more hope. Michael’s dad took a job as the headmaster at a very prestigious school in Sydney.
- Michael was quite the athlete. In fact, he was a star athlete. His athletic skill helped him to become a celebrated decathlete; and his state medals kept piling up.
- You see, despite his success on the athletic field, Michael still never really felt like he belonged, and his need for isolation only became stronger.
- Soon enough, he began to disassociate himself from material possessions for the sake of exploring nature. His mindset had changed, and his outlook towards life had evolved, along with his appearance.
- Slowly and gradually, Michael moved closer and closer to the jungle, until he became a full-time resident there.
- Queensland jungle received a phone call that an almost naked man was spotted wondering in the streets. The police responded quickly, and after a lengthy chase, Michael was arrested.
- The police decided to admit him to a mental institution, where he would be diagnosed and treated appropriately.
- What the doctors didn’t understand at the time, was that his “barbaric”, Tarzanian behavior, wasn’t due to mental illness; it was just his choice. After years of trying ineffective treatments, doctors finally gave up, and Michael was free again.
- In 1966, he joined the Australian Aboriginals, and that was the best choice he could’ve made at the time, because he remained with the aboriginals, and lived off the land, for more than 50 years.
- He was also quite the prankster as well. He would wait up in trees and jump on passing trucks to scare the passengers. Even though he didn’t want to be part of society, he still enjoyed having some minor contact with it.

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      So is living in the jungle considered not normal?

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      Very inspiring. People should be, who they want to be, regardless of what others think.
      As long as you're not hurting anybody else, do it!

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