Video on the Road of the new Smart Fortwo Cabrio, red color.
Prospective customers can choose between three different colours for the "tritop" fabric soft top: blue denim (jeans look), red or black. The headlining is always grey. The removable roof bars that can be stowed in a compartment in the tailgate come in the tridion colour.
Soft top: opens within twelve seconds
When the sun peeps out from behind the clouds, smart fortwo cabrio drivers can react quickly: the fabric soft top can be opened fully automatically in twelve seconds – even when driving at top speed. With the 3-button key the soft top can also be opened from outside the car by remote control.
Removing the side roof bars enables a full-blown cabrio experience. The roof bars can be stowed on the inside of the tailgate. This stowage compartment in the tailgate also offers additional stowage space for small items, for example fluorescent jacket, first-aid kit or warning triangle.
With an area of 1.8 m2 the "tritop" fabric soft top is approximately four percent larger than its predecessor. The outer covering is made of a particularly lightfast polyacrylic fabric and the inside features a polyester/cotton mix. There is a rubber layer in the middle. The soft top has a total thickness of 20 mm. The rear windscreen is heated and is made of glass.


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