What is CSMA/CD & CSMA/CA? Have you ever wondered how computers send data on a network without interfering with the data from other computers? This is an animated video explaining what carrier sense multiple access with collision detection and collision avoidance are.


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      How about time-division multiplexing?

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      It's channelizing protocol of Multiple Access Protocol , CSMA is a part of Random Access Protocol . TDMA is sharing of full badwidth for t-time to a single connection

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      I didn't get how the collision signal is sent, shouldn't it be sent on the same cable? what if the signal had collision with other data on the cable?

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      This is hands down the best Informational & Educational channel for IT on youtube. Thank you for the content and I wish you will keep pumping videos forever and help us understand the world better !
      I was wondering how come CSMA/CD doesn't cause a noticeable delay cause on my Router I could have at times two computers over ethernet that are both downloading large files but I don't get any significant delay on page loads for example ?

      about 2 months ago
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      CMSA is not used on modern networks...only older (half duplex) networks. I'm sure you're running a modern (full duplex) network.

      about 2 months ago
    • Baswanth

      you did not mentioned about back off if number of collisions increeses

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      that's csma , not /cd, /ca

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      This is why my computer stop while using an another computer that use network

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      so which technology do we use today instead of the CSMA/CA ?

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      There's no need for it in a full duplex network....since it has "2 lanes"...1 for each direction.

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