What is CSMA/CD & CSMA/CA? Have you ever wondered how computers send data on a network without interfering with the data from other computers? This is an animated video explaining what carrier sense multiple access with collision detection and collision avoidance are.


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      'R' in RTS/CTS protocol stands for request, not ready tho.

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      How about time-division multiplexing?

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      It's channelizing protocol of Multiple Access Protocol , CSMA is a part of Random Access Protocol . TDMA is sharing of full badwidth for t-time to a single connection

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      I was wondering how come CSMA/CD doesn't cause a noticeable delay cause on my Router I could have at times two computers over ethernet that are both downloading large files but I don't get any significant delay on page loads for example ?

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      @PowerCert Animated Videos ​Hi, sorry about my ignorance, but I can't understand why full duplex makes CMSA not usable. I had had think that it was due to incoming switches on LAN's, then the cables now are dedicated by node and there not exists colision posibility. Sorry for my English too

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      CMSA is not used on modern networks...only older (half duplex) networks. I'm sure you're running a modern (full duplex) network.

      about 4 months ago
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      you did not mentioned about back off if number of collisions increeses

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