Lamborghini Veneno LP 750-4 $4.5 million BEAST driving to BullFest 2017 ENGINE SOUND + REVS at BullFest 2017 at Lamborghini Miami

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Big thanks to Lamborghini Miami Prestige Imports for helping make this video!

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    • VJ Flores
      VJ Flores

      They told me my kidneys are not enough to buy this car... :(

      about 8 hours ago
    • Shin Drad
      Shin Drad

      good god someone stop that awful music

      about 18 hours ago
    • Mohamed Hussein
      Mohamed Hussein

      4 ole made

      about 19 hours ago

      I Have This Car, In Real Racing 3😅😂

      about 3 days ago
    • Alexandrei Van Villanueva
      Alexandrei Van Villanueva

      I have the veneno

      In asphalt 8 and roblox vehicle simulator

      about 5 days ago
    • The lord Thor Singh
      The lord Thor Singh

      I have this car it’s true!!!!

      In maka race

      about 8 days ago
    • ceyda boz
      ceyda boz

      people even take its photo to put on people about they took its photo so can u imagine u are owner of it so people will start to look as they are only parazite in ur eyes..

      about 13 days ago
    • VIDAL'S

      Que preciosura 🙈

      about 14 days ago
    • Pablo Escobar
      Pablo Escobar

      Only super Rich people and dumb pay 6 millón for wheels.. i would get me a Phenom 300

      about 15 days ago
    • Emillio Chicco
      Emillio Chicco

      Other lambo looks cheap now 😶

      about 21 day ago
    • wallace gamer charles
      wallace gamer charles

      Meu essa lamburguini é da hora

      about 22 days ago
    • NiziSilveira

      I trade mine for a 1966 VW beetle

      about 23 days ago
    • Alexander Meyer
      Alexander Meyer

      I have this car :D!

      In asphalt 8 :'v

      about 27 days ago
    • Alexandrei Van Villanueva
      Alexandrei Van Villanueva In reply to Alexander Meyer

      Same dude

      about 5 days ago
    • Roberto Salvatti
      Roberto Salvatti

      One of the ugliest cars ever created, people know that, but they don`t want to believe it because it is a Lambo.

      about 28 days ago
    • Andres Rivera
      Andres Rivera

      Más más más videos le Lambo huevos

      about 28 days ago
    • Jhkbbvjbjnknk Knknoig
      Jhkbbvjbjnknk Knknoig

      I wonder how much it costs to replace one wiper blade?😂

      about 29 days ago
    • what to do
      what to do

      I don't like this car because I don't have enough money to buy this car.. But this car is adorable😍😍😍

      Only if I had money to buy this car🤣🤣

      about 1 month ago
    • heniaso

      Ale wyjebane Lambo !!!

      about 1 month ago
    • Ultra Cheese
      Ultra Cheese

      Become the President tutorial:

      1. Purchase Lamborghini Veneno

      2. Drive to press conference

      3. Rev & enjoy

      about 1 month ago
    • A O
      A O In reply to Ultra Cheese

      Ultra Cheese president of lyf

      about 12 days ago
    • Hùng Nông
      Hùng Nông

      My car

      about 1 month ago
    • A K
      A K

      looks like fail..😕

      about 1 month ago
    • Alex Atakhanov
      Alex Atakhanov

      Still... loses to a supra

      about 1 month ago
    • Snehu Loves Toys Pal
      Snehu Loves Toys Pal In reply to Alex Atakhanov

      How do u know

      about 1 month ago
    • Dfideliz LilCarlxnax
      Dfideliz LilCarlxnax


      about 1 month ago
    • mericano045

      Zentorno confermed

      about 1 month ago
    • Neelam Singh
      Neelam Singh In reply to mericano045


      about 29 days ago
    • Final Fantasy
      Final Fantasy

      Wtf amazing car there also lamborgini murgelo

      about 1 month ago
    • Rajani Cn
      Rajani Cn

      The engine sound seems like aventedor

      about 1 month ago
    • diamondking092

      Beautiful car

      about 1 month ago
    • nig ward
      nig ward

      If you think this is ugly and factory riced
      All this cosmatic is not racing inspired this car was meant for racing
      This car is peice of art
      This car dosent deserve any hate

      about 1 month ago
    • Gizmo Feezer
      Gizmo Feezer


      about 1 month ago
    • Jr gamer
      Jr gamer

      WTF... Zentorno GTA V??

      about 1 month ago