Traditional Chinese fire cupping therapy. The treatment is not very painful. The bruises will last for 1-2 weeks. As you can see the cupping is not very difficult and can be easyly done at home. There are some contraindications though. Be sure to consult a doctor before your treatment if you are unsure.
You can get the cupping jars on amazon.
traditional style
modern style

TCM Schröpfen in China. Die Behandlung ist nicht sonderlich schmerzhaft. Die blauen Flecken sind etwa 1-2 Wochen zu sehen.


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      Qué es eso

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      هل اجد من يصلي على النبي جزاكم الله خير عليه الصلاة والسلام

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    • حسين عبد الرزاق صالح بركات
      حسين عبد الرزاق صالح بركات

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    • abdou tazizo
      abdou tazizo

      We call it the cupping or bad blood lifting .
      The prophet Muhammad asked us To use it as a cure for many illnesses .
      We noticed that the athletes of usa used it in olympics of RIO IN BRAZIL.
      The best time To do it is the spring
      i recommend all the people who want to get children to do it
      and people who have arthritis

      about 13 days ago
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