Traditional Chinese fire cupping therapy. The treatment is not very painful. The bruises will last for 1-2 weeks. As you can see the cupping is not very difficult and can be easyly done at home. There are some contraindications though. Be sure to consult a doctor before your treatment if you are unsure.
You can get the cupping jars on amazon.
traditional style
modern style

TCM Schröpfen in China. Die Behandlung ist nicht sonderlich schmerzhaft. Die blauen Flecken sind etwa 1-2 Wochen zu sehen.


    • Hakeem Abdulla
      Hakeem Abdulla

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      Мария 2019

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      Ahoo jan

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      Carmencita Velasquez

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      Shabanshaban Lab

      هلكاتو خاصة المناطق السوداء

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      nafeesathul misriya

      ഇത് Hijama അല്ലെ??

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      ഇത് ഹിജാമാ പോലെ ആണ് പക്ഷെ ചോരയിനു പകരം തീയാണ് ളപയകണത്.

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      Sheila Lamb

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      Eva Rocha

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    • حول العالم
      حول العالم

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    • indah sari kurniasih
      indah sari kurniasih

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      Abdul Rashid

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      0n. GUVEN

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