MG Midget 1974, MK III (GAN 5) round wheel archs

Testdrive - images and story (German) -


    • Lovis Köhn
      Lovis Köhn

      My first car will be a mg and im 16

      about 2 months ago
    • TwinkieMom2002

      My first car was a red 1974 MG midget. Miss it!

      about 4 years ago
    • Gary Hill
      Gary Hill

      WOW, youbrought back so many memories. My first car was a camino gold MG Midget. That raw sound and precise gearbix, having my legs wrapped around the engine and the difficulty of exiting the vehicle in a manner that wasn't spent dragging your arse on the ground! But what a lovely car. As a youngster, the MG saved my inexperienced driving style. I turned a corner at 35 mph and it just stuck to the road, as opposed to rolling the car. Lesson well learnt, but a new belief in the car! LOL

      about 7 years ago