The BEST way to wash AND dry your car !
How I clean my interior:

Products used in video:

Ultra Foam Shampoo:

Car Wash Shampoo:

Foam Cannon:

Sidekick Blaster:

Car Wash Pad:

Drying Towel (If needed)

Tire Shine:

Master Blaster:


Main Camera: Sony AX53 Handycam (4K)

Back up camera: Sony AX33 Handycam (4K)

External Mic: (With wind protector) for Sony AX33/53

Canon GX7: (2nd Vlogging camera)


GoPro Hero7 Black: (4K 60fps)

GoPro Hero5 Session: (4K 30fps) (Smaller size, good for POV videos)

GoPro Hero5: (4K 30fps)




MacBook Pro I7 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD


Final Cut Pro X:



Suction Cups: (For GoPro’s, the one you get through GoPro sucks)

Camera Slider:

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The Amazon links with products that were used in this video are indeed affiliate links which means that I would get a minor kick back if you were to purchase any of these products.


    • AutoVlog

      How to clean the INTERIOR:

      about 1 year ago
    • Goat Green
      Goat Green In reply to AutoVlog

      What type of rims are those

      about 2 months ago
    • Petr Crawthwait
      Petr Crawthwait In reply to AutoVlog

      dude, shoot me with your foam cannon

      ooooh yeah

      about 3 months ago
    • T.A. Akinsete
      T.A. Akinsete In reply to AutoVlog

      AutoVlog just got an AMG sedan, but it’s white with black highlights. Same advice for predominantly white cars? My 1st white car.

      about 6 months ago
    • Nuwan Samarasekera
      Nuwan Samarasekera In reply to AutoVlog

      AutoVlog what are you thoughts on this

      about 7 months ago
    • Nuwan Samarasekera
      Nuwan Samarasekera In reply to AutoVlog

      neil tuttle that’s what I thought when I saw this guys video -

      about 7 months ago
    • Keith Ancajas
      Keith Ancajas

      no waxing? wax in wax out!

      about 1 day ago
    • Jon Robinson
      Jon Robinson

      Thanks Brofessor : When you own " The Best or Nothing " you keep it looking SHARP 24/7

      about 3 days ago
    • Chooks_Reef_Sydney

      Your wheels are still filthy.

      about 5 days ago
    • Dan Favata
      Dan Favata

      a leaf blower works good!

      about 6 days ago
    • Dan Favata
      Dan Favata

      better way to dry, get in and drive works

      about 6 days ago
    • Modd Music
      Modd Music

      what power washer are you using?

      about 12 days ago
    • SuperMrBentley

      No towel or bucket, but 500 electricity bill lol

      about 13 days ago
    • PA Pipe Smoker
      PA Pipe Smoker

      Your neighbors must love you.

      about 14 days ago
    • Your Mothers Boyfriend
      Your Mothers Boyfriend

      Serious question, could you use a leaf blower to dry the car?

      about 14 days ago
    • Glenn Lowe
      Glenn Lowe

      I use a leaf blower to dry off. really easy and heaps of air

      about 14 days ago
    • OCDaddy_Zsolt

      Wow... 6.4 million views already. Last time (and it was the first too) I've seen this video 1.5 years ago and it was nowhere close to 6.4 million. Well done :)

      about 15 days ago
    • HighTech Bryan
      HighTech Bryan

      Use leaf blower to dry..

      about 15 days ago
    • Steve Waclo
      Steve Waclo

      Hmmm, I just replaced the impeller in my leaf blower/mulcher and it’s really moving some air...

      about 17 days ago
    • Craig Avery
      Craig Avery

      Condense this to 5 seconds: Buy and use a power washer

      about 17 days ago
    • MTV John
      MTV John

      Use a leaf blower 🤷🏾‍♂️

      about 17 days ago

      Who the hell foam washes a car under direct sunlight?

      about 20 days ago
    • Mian8v
      Mian8v In reply to DIY VIVEK

      1. It's like one of the first things he talks about. 2. His car obviously looks just fine with the way he did it.

      about 16 days ago
    • Khaleel Sidik
      Khaleel Sidik

      Name of trance playing in the end?

      about 20 days ago
    • Jobbie Jew
      Jobbie Jew

      Holy fuckballs I had my earphones up full blast and then the washer turns on 🔊

      about 20 days ago
    • mariofan200 just nonthing
      mariofan200 just nonthing

      Never Wash your car in the sun

      about 20 days ago
    • funkjoker
      funkjoker In reply to mariofan200 just nonthing

      Best results - washing at full moon at midnight. 😏

      about 8 days ago
    • GSXR1k

      Fantastic finish but you end up buying those chemical bottles every wash

      about 21 day ago
    • Rene Villarreal
      Rene Villarreal

      How does the the cannon do against salt ? I live in Pittsburgh to and the salt sticks to my black car like crazy

      about 22 days ago
    • Acidic Drink
      Acidic Drink

      He says (I dont endorse Adam's brand) but he mentions it 31 times. What a dutche bag@@@@

      about 24 days ago
    • Bruno White
      Bruno White

      If you want something bigger you should try with a leaf blower.

      about 26 days ago
    • MIKE67948

      Ty Sir

      about 28 days ago
    • Jonathan Bruessard
      Jonathan Bruessard

      What kind of pressure washer are u using?

      about 1 month ago
    • UTubeCorruptAntiFreeSpeechLiberalCo

      Video sponsored by Adam's

      about 1 month ago
    • Kenny Angel
      Kenny Angel

      Wow I can’t believe I just sat through this video teach me some tricks in detailing not technology for touch less car wash

      about 1 month ago
    • D.Farrelly Detailing
      D.Farrelly Detailing

      Ceramic brake pads,
      When washing a car with ceramic brake rotors, care has to be taken not to use a soap with an added wax (wash&wax) because the ceramic will absorb the wax. Will a wash detergent with an added wax affect the ceramic brake pads the same was they affect brake rotors?

      about 1 month ago
    • D.Farrelly Detailing
      D.Farrelly Detailing

      New sub 👍🏻👍🏻

      about 1 month ago