A 20-minute supercut of more than 60 car, truck and tractor-trailer slides, jackknifes, spinouts and loss-of-control driving incidents caught on professional video resulting from my 12-year career of covering winter storms as a freelance news cameraman. ***No one was hurt in any of these incidents*** Footage shows icy roads caused by snow, freezing rain and sleet. Copyright Dan Robinson icyroadsafety.com stormhighway.com


    • Dan Robinson
      Dan Robinson

      I want to address the "why didn't you warn people" critics on this video. There are several reasons why this is a completely unreasonable thing to expect me to do. First, of all, these videos are shot during winter storms when roads and bridges are icy across multiple states. Authorities and DOT crews are well aware of the conditions, in fact, you can see plows working during my videos. Furthermore, police officers have told me to stop trying to warn drivers roadside. Their vehicles with bright flashing lights are often hit by out of control cars and trucks. Do you get winter weather (ice and snow) where you live? I'm assuming then, if you are one of those who think that it is somehow effective or advisable for civilians to be waving down drivers/putting up signs on the side of a dangerously icy road, that YOU do this where you live during winter storms? If not, then why do you expect ANYONE to do it, especially TV cameramen out doing their jobs? Can you cite one example of where you've seen this civilian "roadside warning" during winter storms being performed and it being effective? Ask what law enforcement and EMS personnel think of this idea, when their big vehicles with bright flashing lights are routinely hit by out of control drivers. The "why don't you warn" idea is a knee-jerk one by people who aren't at all thinking about what they are saying. Furthermore, there are videos on my channel that show me warning drivers during bridge icing in the South - one of those rare times that it had even a remote chance of working. And even then, I could not get people to notice me unless I stepped into the road IN FRONT OF THEM, frantically waving. Police officers on the scene told me to NOT to do it. I have spent 9 years on the icyroadsafety.com site trying to educate and warn the driving public AHEAD OF TIME. It's just incredible how some think I should put my life on the line along icy roads in a futile attempt to prevent a couple of fender benders. If you think that this roadside warning is something that should be done, then I expect YOU to try doing it yourself in your neighborhood during the next winter storm - then tell me how it went for you. I would also like you to ask any police officer or first responder what they think of your actions.

      about 1 year ago
    • Sc C
      Sc C In reply to Dan Robinson

      At least the UPS driver was taught how to correctly drive out of a slide. Bravo

      about 10 days ago
    • Cacola337
      Cacola337 In reply to Dan Robinson

      2112Spirit - ....and he has the right to defend himself to idiots

      about 16 days ago
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      Davi Lenz In reply to Dan Robinson

      Boa noite. Sou brasileiro, gostaria muito de poder ir trabalhar nos EUA. Abraços desde Brasil

      about 1 month ago
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      dan!.....sheesh!.....easy does it, pal!.....don't take eejit's so seriously!!!

      about 1 month ago
    • Paul Morley
      Paul Morley In reply to Dan Robinson

      I couldn't have said it better myself but I will still throw my two cents in.
      For areas that often have wintry weather (ice, snow, etc), drivers should ALREADY be prepared and use extra caution. Trying to warn drivers of an icy patch is extremely dangerous to the person who is doing the 'warning'.

      about 1 month ago
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      X402 X

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      about 3 hours ago
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      Dog of Wisdom

      1:48 boi

      about 5 hours ago
    • Dog of Wisdom
      Dog of Wisdom

      Americans sure love their RWD V8's.

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    • Gajiru Revi
      Gajiru Revi

      I've had two heavy car accidents in my life, one when I was nine and one just a few months ago (on a rainy day for EXACTLY that reason) and due to that I am extremely scared of driving in a car (I don't have a drivers license because of that and I am 23 years old and even when just driving 5 minutes with a friend to a shop I close my eyes and beg that it's over soon) and I have literaly NO IDEA why I'm watching this now since it's literaly just pouring oil in the fire but I can't click away either. I think for me that's like watching a horror movie lol

      about 17 hours ago
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      Anas Anas

      1:48 هاد اكيد سعودي

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      Ramon Almeida

      Eu acho que é uma competição de melhor drift naquela curva pra esquerda kkk

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      Matthew Renaud

      1:59 was proud of htis man for staying away from both walls then BAM forced entry in the side

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      Ricardo mg Machado Garcia

      Pneu pra andar ai tem q ser de aço com os cravos so a sim pra não escorregar

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      قبل 15 سنه

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      Charancha Freitas

      Drift Kings

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      Coco Lebo


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      عبد السلام الحربي

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      Why can't people learn that ice and snow are slick??

      about 2 days ago
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      People don't expect the bridge to be icy? They should have paid more attention in Drivers ED! lol

      about 2 days ago
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      99% of these clips don’t take place in the Northeast USA. What a surprise 😂

      about 3 days ago
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      داخل احسب الكامري ينطل

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      Watches initial D once*

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      1:00 swift indeed

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      6:00 استطعنا بس ما استطعنا

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      People are over speeding...why....just go slow when its snowing...

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      SDS R

      لو في االسعوديه كان مسكوها

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      الكامري في الدقيقه 1:50 هلابي😂💔

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      Nawaf901 N.W.F هلابي يالكموره في الدقيقه 10:29 😂😂

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      Mahad Saeed

      *Fast and Furious* : *The ICE*

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      Zane Weaver

      West Virginia acting like this don't happen often.

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      السعودي وقت الامطار: 1:50

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      I don’t know why am enjoying watching this

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      Who does not want to slide goes to Saudi Arabia and learns

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