Hit and run car accident. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Who doesn't know what that is? Well, the legal definition is more than just the surface meaning. It is actually quite broad, covering various scenarios and situations you may not be familiar with.

Let's imagine you are driving down the road. One of your closest friends sends you a text with important information you've been needing. You're driving on a relatively empty road, so you decide to send a quick response. As you're driving, your eyes are quickly moving back and forth between the road ahead and your mobile phone below. As you're texting the message, a child quickly runs out into the street to retrieve a ball. You see the child when your car is only a few feet away. You quickly hit the brakes, but it's too late. You're afraid and worried and your adrenaline is pumping. In the heat of the moment, you speed off. Hopefully, this has never happened to you, but the example you've just read is one of a hit and run car accident.

There are two components to a hit and run car accident.
- The collision of a vehicle into a property or a person (the hit)
- Leaving the scene of the crime (the run)

If your vehicle hits something or someone else, and you choose to take off instead of remaining at the scene of the accident, it is considered a hit and run. Typically, when a person hits something or someone with their vehicle, they get out of the car to assess the damages. If they hit another person, they are supposed to get out of the car to check on the well-being of that individual and call 911 immediately; when this is not done, it is considered a crime.

In most states, a hit and run is considered a misdemeanor or a felony. If the hit and run is property related only (like a car hitting another car) it is usually considered a misdemeanor. However, if the accident involves injuring another person, you will likely be charged with a felony hit-and-run. When it comes to a hit and run, it doesn't matter if the property or person you hit caused damage to your car or not. Legally, if not morally, you are required to stop at the scene of the accident and call 911. You should also exchange contact information or insurance information, if necessary.

Here are a few more examples: If you hit a car and a person is sitting in it, it's considered a hit and run, but only if you leave the scene of the accident. If you hit a pedestrian and flee the scene of the accident, it is a hit and run. If you hit an individual on a bike or skateboard and flee the scene of the accident, it is a hit and run. If you hit a parked car with no one in it and leave the scene, it is a hit and run. The two factors needed for hit and run to be applicable is a vehicle collision of some sort, regardless of the damage or injury, and fleeing the scene of the accident.

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    • Joseph DuPont
      Joseph DuPont

      Does anyone really care??? https://www.facebook.com/STEVENBACONLIVES/

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    • Tech News for Tech Noobs
      Tech News for Tech Noobs

      One movie quote sums up all these drivers who hit & run...

      "Stupid is as stupid does." Especially the Einstein at the end. Where does he think he can go when he is on the highway with not one, but MULTIPLE cops behind him!?

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    • Corey L.
      Corey L.

      While I agree the officer did a solid pit, she gets an D in gun control. Don't ever stick your weapon in a vehicle with one hand. It is hard to tell what the other officer is doing but you are just asking for him to snatch the weapon.

      about 7 days ago
    • Jason's Journeys
      Jason's Journeys

      3:05 Guy on scooter almost was hit. Good thing he was paying attention.........I'm glad they got that last guy before the video ended.

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      I'm betting most of these were stolen cars.

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      I like these videos it quenches my urge to buy a new car

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    • Lucy Florey
      Lucy Florey

      I was hit by a guy in a truck on a narrow road ...I was way over almost in the ditch, he took off my mirror and kept on driving.
      I started to back up to turn around; he stopped finally. I got out of my jeep. My jeep was on my side of the road, he then backed up into my jeep.

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    • Tim Unknown
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      That cop did an amazing job and a perfect pit maneuver without hitting any cars wow

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      Autumn Sunsets

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    • Autumn Sunsets
      Autumn Sunsets

      When you're driving you have to think of how you're driving and watch for others too. You cannot assume some of these idiots have good sense.

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      Autumn Sunsets

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