Motor1 Executive Editor Seyth Miersma takes Honda’s brand new turbocharged Accord Sport for a spin to see if a detuned Type-R motor can make us forget about six-cylinder midsizers.
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As-tested price: $30,310

As a regular new car reviewer, I’m as guilty as the next guy for propelling the “Americans only buy SUVs” narrative. Yes, it’s true that, in the U.S. and other markets, buyers seem more interested than ever about crossovers and utility vehicles. But it’s important to note that the old standby – midsize sedans – is still a formidable sales force, with millions of units moved each year, in this country alone.

With that backdrop, you can guess why Honda has lavished so much attention on its all-new, 2018 Accord sedan. This is a car that must vie for the hearts and minds of mainstream shoppers, and faces the unenviable challenge of doing so against a brand new Toyota Camry.

Thankfully, the Accord is not only good, but it’s probably a little bit better than it even needs to be to claim the title for midsize sedan dominance. This week’s Why Buy? star, the Accord Sport with a powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter four, and a slick six-speed manual transmission, is easy for any car guy to love. But every version of the Accord, it seems, combines most of that good-driving ability, with so much space, tech, fit and finish, and economy, that people everywhere should take note.

Engine: Turbocharged 2.0-Liter I4
Output: 252 Horsepower / 273 Pound-Feet
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
EPA Fuel Economy: TBA

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Host: Seyth Miersma
Video Producer: James Bradbury


    • Keon Jenkins
      Keon Jenkins

      @4:18 Classic Dukes of Hazzard Chase camera angle LOL!

      about 6 months ago
    • linny105

      Bought the Sport 2.oT manual. Perfect car!

      about 10 months ago
    • Jason Estrada
      Jason Estrada In reply to linny105

      picking up our 2019 Accord 2.0T manual tomorrow afternoon! Can't wait to take her home!

      about 6 months ago
    • Jorge Villacis
      Jorge Villacis

      The BEST Honda Accord ever. The Camry SUCKS

      about 1 year ago
    • bannajirocks

      Gem of a car .. with just right amount of ugly !

      about 1 year ago
    • sky nguyen
      sky nguyen

      Please stop with the question transitions

      about 1 year ago
    • Importsrule007

      This monstrosity is a sight for sore eyes damn it's fugly

      about 1 year ago
    • Michael G
      Michael G

      Bro, nice 6105.

      about 1 year ago
    • Ian Robinson
      Ian Robinson

      I owned Honda sedans while in college. Switched to a SUV about 7 or 8 years ago. Went car shopping this week, and fell in love with this car. Bought it immediately after the test drive!

      about 1 year ago
    • jvrdlc

      FUCKING HATE THAT BACKGROUND VOICE... get rid of that SHIT... the rest is Ok

      about 1 year ago
    • fernando cavazos
      fernando cavazos

      Drove it and I loved it!

      about 1 year ago
    • Tech Defender
      Tech Defender

      How does this handle vs 2017 mazda6

      about 1 year ago
    • B Vang24
      B Vang24

      I got mines yesterday

      about 1 year ago
    • Albert Williams
      Albert Williams

      How can this be the number pick in the segment when Honda's reliability has plummeted in recent years?

      about 1 year ago
    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson In reply to Albert Williams

      and here's a tip...don't try to deflect to typos...makes you look like you have no good argument and are trying to change the subject. Try to focus.

      about 1 year ago
    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson In reply to Albert Williams

      Here's a clue for you...unreliable cars sell very poorly...why? Because nobody wants an unreliable car. Try to keep up, I know its hard for you.

      about 1 year ago
    • Albert Williams
      Albert Williams In reply to Albert Williams

      Wow! I am confused? What do sales have to do with reliability? Some of the most unreliable vehicles sale very well, ie. Accord. Oh... before you say someone is confused, make sure you spell correctly. (ae,are)

      about 1 year ago
    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson In reply to Albert Williams

      because it hasn't plummeted...I think you ae confused. Honda and Toyota are the top sellers today

      about 1 year ago
    • Lenny7118

      Honda should of added a 360 Camera and Ambient lighting, just those 2 options could be a deal breaker

      about 2 years ago
    • Omair Bhore
      Omair Bhore In reply to Lenny7118

      They're both gimmicks. Theyre cool but get old very quickly.

      about 7 months ago
    • Lenny7118
      Lenny7118 In reply to Lenny7118

      Andrerw Jackson they are a deal breaker for me dude.

      about 1 year ago
    • Andrew Jackson
      Andrew Jackson In reply to Lenny7118

      lol..those aren't deal breakers dude...ive never owned a car with those in my life.

      about 1 year ago
    • Honda Fan
      Honda Fan

      Por el precio está bueno si lo comparas con otros i es rápido como los v6 a si q me lo compro le pongo unos 20 de aluminio i lo bajo 2 pulgadas

      about 2 years ago
    • Honda Fan
      Honda Fan In reply to Honda Fan

      A el motor es del type r todo lo q se le pueda hacer al type r servirá en el Accord

      about 2 years ago
    • Cameron Bedrava
      Cameron Bedrava

      how long do turbos usually last...trying to find a reliable car and wont want to replace turbo

      about 2 years ago
    • Khafre Bevins
      Khafre Bevins

      Correction the1.5t sport is a step up from the lx the 2.0t is a Ex with sport rims

      about 2 years ago
    • Rauley Shar
      Rauley Shar

      Either spend over 30K for 2.0T w/ 10 a/t or drive the shitty 1.5t with CVT. Camry is much better buy than the new accords. If i am spending over 30K than wrx is far fun to drive than accords. New accords 1.5t w/CVT= Garbage!

      about 2 years ago
    • Joel Kidwell
      Joel Kidwell

      Does the 2.0 Sport 6MT have a turbo boost meter as one of the options for the left dial / gauge in the instrument cluster? The 10-Speed automatic Sport has one when it’s in “Sport Mode,” but since the 6MT has no “Sport Mode,” does it also not have a turbo boost meter?

      about 2 years ago
    • Vin B
      Vin B

      Actually all I ever buy are manual transmissions. Far more enjoyable and engaging than any automatic could ever be. Driving an automatic is one step up from driving one of those cars that you're parents bought for you to drive around the front lawn when you were a child. My current car is a 2012 Acura TL with a stick. I'm do for a new a car soon and it most likely will be the Accord. Giving up a few additional features is never a big deal to those of us who love to really drive. And giving up a few miles is definitely not a concern. I have a sneaking suspicion that you don't even know how to drive a stick and just like to put them down as a way to justify why you never bothered to learn.

      about 2 years ago
    • Mark Strong
      Mark Strong In reply to Vin B

      10 speed is quicker, everything else is just small you know what talk that is so tired, and I drove a stick 20+ years

      about 10 months ago
    • Richard R. Smith
      Richard R. Smith

      1292 degrees Fahrenheit Turbo engine which turns it states
      one hundred thousand RPM.  Can’t see
      where you are in parking lots tight places. 
      Does NOT stop as well.  Does NOT
      accelerate as well when you give it gas. 
      Does NOT stop in parking lot car cutting across behind you.  Ugly dash with popped-up tablet pc
      display.  Ugly grille.  Not plastic paint protection.  No side curtain air bags back seat.  CVT transmission except ONLY 2.0 Touring and
      that one has no gear shift knob push-button yuk. Tire Noise problem again
      2018.  White noise block oh great.  Fix tire noise.  Small gas tank no lid Jesus Christ Honda
      Accord 2018 – these are what you give me. 
      Give it up – no wonder over one thousand MORE Camry than Accord this
      year – no wonder.

      2018 Honda Accord – no model has 360 degree bird’s eye
      panoramic camera and stops if car ahead stops does not stop if backing-out car
      cuts across parking lot where both 2018 Camry and Accord give warning beep but
      Accord does not apply brake like Camry does. 

      Tire pressure per tire 2018 Camry but no model 2018 Accord
      has that.

      Accord went from 6 to 8 air bags finally adding what Camry
      has always had of driver and passenger knee air bags.  But the Camry has 10 air bags adding rear
      seat side curtain air bags to the Camry for the safety of the passengers in the
      back seat. 

      Accord EX & above have blind spot monitor.  Can add option Camry. Camry can have rear
      cross traffic braking where I hear the warning beep on Accord and on
      Camry.  Not apply brakes Accord.

      Styling wider on Accord. It is harder to park as a result
      especially in a garage with a door which already was tight before.  Test drive the 2018 Accord home and back-out
      the garage to see ?  Or maybe this is
      exactly what you don’t want to do on the test drive.

      Accord 1.5 L you get a gear shift knob but there are NO
      GEARS since it is CVT transmission only. 
      2.0 L is not intuitive but has push buttons instead to change gears with
      no gear shift knob yet that the only model with a real transmission where you
      might even want to change the gears.

      2018 Accord brags 6-speed manual transmission but that gets
      WORSE gas mileage than the same car model without manual transmission.  Also you give up add-on features to buy
      manual transmission no one tells you about.

      You must Tether Apple iPhone CarPlay with a USB plug to make
      Apple Map features work.  This ruins the
      battery on the iPhone requiring it to be replaced and they are EXPENSIVE.  And Apple maps no good.

      Upgrade to 450 watts stereo system with 10 speakers only on
      the EXL and Touring only for Accord 2018 while upgrade on 2018 Camry is 800
      watts 9 JBL Speakers.

      Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 2018 Accord but not 2018
      Camry however no one would use either if a reliable embedded NAV were an option
      because they don’t work well as NAV.  Not
      a viable substitute.  Don’t work with
      head up display only embedded NAV does that.

      Tire Noise problems continue with 2018 Accord again this
      year 2018 Camry fixed that years ago. 
      Honda Accord 2018 response ? 
      Leave the tire noise problems again this year and add a white noise to
      counteract so you can’t hear it for the white noise you hear instead.  Real nice Honda.  Real nice.

      Heated steering wheel – Touring and Sport only on 2018
      Accord not on any 2018 Camry.

      Mobile hot spot – Camry can have that just as Accord can add
      that Camry updates the NAV maps within 4 miles of location with DCM.

      Bigger trunk – Accord trunk has inaccessible space but it is
      bigger.  Accord has a hinge which also
      prevents all the space from being used but it is bigger trunk than 2018 Camry
      just barely.

      Camry not sloppy boring drive any longer compared to Accord.  There is no advantage Accord driving or
      Accord suspension.  Both equal now 2018.

      No transmission just CVT for 2018 Accord except for ONLY
      just the 2.0 Turbo Touring. 

      CVT is just a cheap fashion to fix mileage issues by
      slogging and delaying gas acceleration when you press the gas pedal.  No one likes CVT.

      Data dead spots all carriers have.  They shut down the features of Apple iPhone
      CarPlay, Android Auto, Scout GPS Link, Waze, any of them. 

      Brakes compared to 2018 Camry for example at 60 mph stop 13
      feet farther down the road on the 2018 Accord other than 2.0 Touring because
      the disc brakes are only 11 and a half inches compared to 12 inches on Camry

      Why when folks list what you give-up not buying 2.0 Turbo
      Accord 2018 does EVERYONE leave this off ?

      2.0 Turbo Touring 2018 Accord only 22 mpg city traffic which
      is just plain AWFUL gas mileage.

      2018 Honda Accord Owner’s Manual states 1292 degrees
      Fahrenheit Turbo engine which turns it states one hundred thousand RPM. 

      45 mph and you want to pass slower car.  So you speed up to 65 mph and it takes LONGER
      on the Accord than on the Camry.    3.9
      seconds 2018 Camry to 4.0 seconds 2018 Accord.

      This is because TURBO engines spool when you press the gas and
      do not therefore instantly take-off.

      There is a lag. A delay. 
      For TURBO engines.  It is how a
      Turbo Engine is designed and now the 2018 Accord Turbo engines have been

      1800 RPM Accord for 2018 at 60 mph.   1500 RPM Camry for 2018 at 60 mph.

      The 2018 Accord is one inch wider almost than the 2018 Camry
      making it harder to get out of garages.

      There is NO PANORAMIC MOON ROOF on any 2018 Accord.

      14.8 gallons gas tank Accord means any commuters who drive
      more than 32 miles to work have to stop and get gas on the way home or on the
      way to work DURING THE WORK WEEK meaning you have to get up earlier or get home
      later. 22 mpg city driving 2.0 Turbo Touring 14.8 gallons tank is 325 miles
      range ONLY.   325 miles range 33 miles to
      work one-way 22 mpg.  33 miles x 2 to
      work and back home is 66 miles day 5 days is 330 miles but the damn 2018 Accord
      2.0 Turbo Touring in city driving to and from work only has a range of 325
      miles.  Stop buy gas while driving to
      work if you work 33 miles from home.

      You would think since the Accord is not as long as the Camry
      that it turns in a shorter turning radius. 
      Wrong.  The Camry has a smaller turning
      radius than the Accord.

      Honda thinks Americans want halogen head lights which
      produce an unreal amount of heat.  Unless
      you buy the Turbo 2018 Accord Touring you can not have LED headlights.  LED last longer generates less heat and is better
      lighting which is why Honda puts it on the Accord Turbo Touring.

      Grille 2018 Honda Accord is ugly.  Back is cheap-looking.  Side is obviously sloped where you can not
      even get in the back seat.  And the dash
      with that popped-up tablet pc display is God awful not integral part of the
      design.  Every Accord owner calls this
      the ugliest Accord ever.

      Acura has 360 degree bird’s eye view camera so you can see
      what is around you Acura with advanced package which is four thousand dollars
      more than Camry 2018 XSE 4 cylinder and less than 6 cylinder.  Volvo has bird’s eye.  Lexus. 
      Toyota Camry has it.  Murano.  Versa.  
      Volt.  Optima.  Land Rover. 
      Equus.  BMW. QX30. Cadenza. Santa
      Fe.  F150. Edge.  Explorer. Maxima.  Mazda 5.  Mercedes-Benz GLE. Toyota RAV4.  Avalon.  Lincoln.  Infiniti. 
      Golf.  Tiguan.   Pacifica. 
      Envision has bird’s eye camera as well. 
      All have 360 degree surround view camera panoramic bird’s eye.  All but 2018 Accord have bird’s eye view
      camera to keep you away from objects in tight places such as in a garage.  Frankly without bird’s eye camera you don’t
      know where you are.

      2018 Toyota Camry - Only 6 cylinder has real NAV option $
      940 to add Entune Premium which comes with CD. 
      If you don’t buy – the V6 - you only have Scout GPS Link which is a
      1-star user-rated independent app which you will NEVER be happy with.

      Quad exhaust pipes sportier Camry XSE with Lamborghini front
      grille and sloping asymmetrical dash are all top design elements and there are
      no Turbo engines 2018 Camry either. 
      Camry XLE by comparison is ugly grille.

      Therefore 275 a day more Camry sold than Accord this year
      and I was behind Accord taxi today 15 years in a row more Camry sold than
      Accord. Over one hundred thousand MORE Camry than Accord this year.

      Camry has always had $395 Paint Protection Film plastic wrap
      which protects the paint a thin plastic layer which can include the front
      bib.  We always buy that and Honda
      refuses to offer it. 

      Cockpit Red Leather interior available on upper trims but
      you can NOT have red Ruby Flare Pearl outside Camry and cockpit red interior
      leather – how silly is that ?

      16 gallons 2018 Camry gas tank.  53 mpg highways 2018 Camry Hybrid.  41 mpg highways 2018 Camry base model.  39 mpg highways 2018 Camry XSE fancy
      Lamborghini front grille. 624 miles maximum range 2018 Camry XSE.  656 miles base model Camry range.  848 miles range 2018 Camry Hybrid.  This is a record-breaking engine design 2.5 L
      Camry 2018 4-cylinder engine in terms of longevity.  2018 Accord all Turbo is the COMPLETE

      Entune 3.0 does NOT support Android Auto, Google Maps, Waze,
      Google Play Music, Amazon Music, nor Apple CarPlay.  It is a dirty little secret about the 2018
      Camry – but this is compounded by the sheer stupidity of Toyota Camry 2018
      requiring you buy 6 cylinder ONLY to have embedded NAV which is great on 2018
      Camry and great on 2018 Accord. 

      Entune Apps Suite and load secondly also Scout GPS Link to
      have moving maps.  Comes on all trim
      levels of the 2018 Camry but this has huge Data usage. Camry owners mad about
      this dysfunctional app – read the reviews BEFORE you buy.

      Having a NAV on your stinking cell phone is NOT the same as
      having embedded NAV because apps are only integrated with the infotainment
      center display way over by the passenger exactly where you should NOT be

      about 2 years ago
    • Caleb Pryor
      Caleb Pryor

      Woah look at that prius!

      about 2 years ago
    • The One
      The One

      I personally think Honda should not be allow to put a sport name on 1.5l model...most people does not know the difference between the 1.5l and 2.0l...and they won't even tell you until u ask.

      about 2 years ago
    • Calvin Wong
      Calvin Wong In reply to The One

      so whats the difference?

      about 2 years ago
    • Randy Jackson
      Randy Jackson In reply to The One

      The Sport is a step above the LX ... like the SE was .... some EX upgrades ....

      about 2 years ago
    • atiprocharger

      Finally and review of the 2.0T 6spd manual!!! Thanks guys.... :)

      about 2 years ago
    • Vin B
      Vin B

      Manual transmission. Perfect. Practical and fun to drive. No one other than Mazda offers that winning combination in this segment. Thank you Honda for keeping the fun of driving alive.

      about 2 years ago
    • Vin B
      Vin B In reply to Vin B

      Richard R. Smith . Maybe I misunderstood you're initial comment. I didn't quite understand why you ended by saying that no you did not buy one. It seemed to me as if you were putting down people such as myself simply because we love to drive manual transmissions. I apologize than if I misunderstood what it was that you were actually trying to say. Now I do agree that it is unfortunate that I will have to do without some of the extra luxuries that you can with the automatic. But this new Accord does come with more feature content than the previous Accord sedan. As far as having followers, I'm more than fine with that. That is not at all anything that I'm interested in. Again, if I misunderstood what it was that you were trying to say initially, than please except my apologies.

      about 2 years ago
    • Richard R. Smith
      Richard R. Smith In reply to Vin B

      Again.  You give-up the options on the 2018 Accord to choose manual therefore you have NOT Purchased manual 2018 Accord.  And you get WORSE mileage with manual than auto.  You have no one who has EVER followed you and you run in here to tell me that (1) I have never driven a manual when I never said SHIT about manual except bad gas mileage Accord 2018 and give up options 2018 Accord to which you reply I haven't driven manual and you don't care bad gas mileage and don't care no options (2) Acura can have bird's eye camera Accord can not 2018.  Why buy new car and have same features YOUR MOM had on her 1957 chevy ?  Jesus Christ dumbass stick this up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.  I told you you had NOT bought 2018 Accord manual - you end up with NONE of the features of a 2018 Accord and get worse gas mileage BOTH all anyone is interested in.  You are so FOS internet bully.

      about 2 years ago
    • Vin B
      Vin B In reply to Vin B

      Richard R. Smith Actually all I ever buy are manual transmissions. Far more fun and engaging. Automatic transmissions are only one step above those simple plastic cars that you're parents bought for you to scoot around the front lawn when you were a child. My current car is a 2012 Acura TL with a 6 speed. I'm due for a new car soon and the Accord is definitely on my list.most likely my best option Additional features don't really matter much to those of us who really love to drive. It's all about the connection to the car and the road. And saving a few bucks on gas is not a concern. I have a sneaking suspicion that you put down manual transmissions only because it makes you feel better about never learning how to drive one.

      about 2 years ago
    • Richard R. Smith
      Richard R. Smith In reply to Vin B

      6-speed manual transmission has WORSE gas mileage than automatic of same model AND you give-up huge options to have manual - watered-down version to buy manual can not add features everyone wants.  I bet you did NOT buy the car did you ?  No you did not.

      about 2 years ago
    • Wade Edwards
      Wade Edwards In reply to Vin B

      The only big problem with the manual is trying to find someone to buy it when your done with it.

      about 2 years ago
    • volumelow

      this is the new pt cruiser

      about 2 years ago
    • Emjay Davillier
      Emjay Davillier In reply to volumelow

      You must be on crack to make a comment like that...

      about 2 months ago
    • はる
      はる In reply to volumelow

      One of the worst comments ever lol congrats 🍾🎊🎉

      about 1 year ago
    • Nexus Hexus
      Nexus Hexus In reply to volumelow

      Please see a doctor, you are clinically blind.

      about 2 years ago
    • Maaaadmen
      Maaaadmen In reply to volumelow

      volumelow how do you figure?

      about 2 years ago
    • Alumnikiid

      complains about honda not offering a V6 but bought the 4 cylinder the previous generations

      about 2 years ago
    • Zulu Nbuyoke
      Zulu Nbuyoke

      I like how the 2018 Accords look. I’m just a little skeptical of the durability of a 4cylinder turbo engine over time.

      about 2 years ago
    • jmasoncar s
      jmasoncar s In reply to Zulu Nbuyoke

      SkeksisRule honda didn't build a brand new 2.0t as a "cost saving measure" cost saving would have been continuing to use the J series V6 that debuted originally in 1996 in the Acura CL and has already paid for itself over and over again. Let's not forget the money Honda made off of the J series when GM was buying them to use in the saturn vue. Bottom line, no matter how you look at it the V6 would have been the cheaper option for honda.

      about 2 years ago
    • Wedow
      Wedow In reply to Zulu Nbuyoke

      SkeksisRule that's tech, your 13 year old buttons were out old date along with your interior long ago. And my son's 2004 maxima has navigation that still is plenty quick it's the graphics that are behind but people can live without that. Not a single issue with the infotainment controls. Them saving cost and getting cuts from the emmitions regulations allows them to put more money into the car. We don't get a cheaper Accord because guess what, that developed engine need some pay off from its first buyer. There are very few company's that lower the price of a vehicle even if they change nothing that's life, quit bitching and work harder. You have no evidence the trans is an issue reliability wise because guess what it's new!!!! Assuming makes an ass out of you. Even if you were to blow the entire motor him guess how much one costs on a Honda parts lot? The 1.5 is 1200-1400 and the 2.0 is 3000-3400. You know how much that comparable v6 is in the lot? 4k minimum with the same miles. V6 cars cost much more to maintain when things do go wrong. If I bought an Accord 1.5 manual or a 2.0t I wouldn't care if I blew the motor, it's as cheap as a new set of tire rods for a motor. My twin turbo Taurus sho was fine for 70k miles with a stage 2 tune and supporting modifications. That car if you don't know is a twin turbo v6 And everyone screams ECO BOOST IS UNRELIABLE, ECOBOOM. It's all from sceptics that bs stories and just want to say something bad about the car or brand. Have a good one bud.

      about 2 years ago
    • SkeksisRule
      SkeksisRule In reply to Zulu Nbuyoke

      You contradicted yourself so many times. And yeah of course it's more cost efficient to build a smaller engine, but only for Honda. We aren't getting a cheaper Accord out of it, only one with a less reliable engine due to more heat and more complexity. And that includes the 10 speed transmission too. The buttons in my 13 year old car still work. You won't be able to say the same with a car that is run by a tablet on the dash. That software will run just like your smart phone after 4 years: S L O W

      about 2 years ago
    • SkeksisRule
      SkeksisRule In reply to Zulu Nbuyoke

      But wouldn't you also say that a naturally aspirated V6 engine probably has less chance of trouble compared to a turbocharged engine? Less moving parts and less heat, right? That coupled with the lack of real world improvement in efficiency makes me think Honda did this as a cost saving measure more than anything else. Much less raw materials going into a 4 cylinder engine, even accounting for the turbo and related cooling system.

      about 2 years ago
    • Wedow
      Wedow In reply to Zulu Nbuyoke

      smile cute 10speed in the Mustang gt doesn't change fuel economy... The 4 cylinder it gained 1 mpg.

      about 2 years ago
    • GiovanniRomano

      Love it but no more sedans for me. SUV’s all the way

      about 2 years ago
    • DriveCFL
      DriveCFL In reply to GiovanniRomano

      You may as well get a really cool mini van too. I love the dudes stuck with the fucking mini van trying to drive fast.

      about 1 year ago
    • JMONEY-4K
      JMONEY-4K In reply to GiovanniRomano

      GiovanniRomano you fucking crazy ... Crossovers are the most plain looking vehicles ever

      about 2 years ago
    • HSV Commodore
      HSV Commodore In reply to GiovanniRomano

      GiovanniRomano that is The Most stupid Thing i ever Heard of!

      about 2 years ago
    • Hugo Fernandes
      Hugo Fernandes

      It sucks that these aren't available in Europe, pretty cool ride for the money asked.

      about 2 years ago