If you are thinking about buying a Mid-Sized crossover SUV, the Jeep Cherokee makes a lot of sense especially is you are going off-road. The Traihawk is immensely capable in the dirt.

Jeep has made several changes to the 2019 Cherokee for this mid-cycle refresh. Prices range from $24,545 for the base Latitude FWD trim up to $37,995 for the Overland 4x4. The model seen here is the Trailhawk 4x4 which starts at $33,695. The updated front styling is more in-line with the rest of the Jeep line-up like the Compass and Grand Cherokee.

Under the hood is the $500 optional turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that makes 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft. of torque. This engine is faster and more fuel efficient than the 3.2 liter V-6. The transmission is a 9-speed automatic.

The Trailhawk has a number of key distinguishing characteristics that make this one of the few crossovers on the market that can truly go off-road. The redesigned front and rear bumpers allow for improved approach and departure angles. This model also has an off-road tuned suspension and a raised ride height giving you 8.7 inches of ground clearance. You also get Jeep’s Active Drive Lock AWD system that includes a rear locking differential and low range gearing.

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    • The Maldos
      The Maldos

      Wish you could keep the 2017 rims on the redesigned model. These new rims are way too feminine

      about 7 days ago
    • Patricio Salas
      Patricio Salas

      Can you explain why all different engines have the same fuel consumption?. I had the 3.6 v6 pentastar grandcherokee... Now I have a 2.4 tigershark 2015 cherokee (4wd) and you tell the 2.0 turbo has 22 mpg... All the same... So whats the benefit of smaller engines?!

      about 1 month ago
    • David Norman
      David Norman In reply to Patricio Salas

      it has more torque and is lighter.... so better handling I also believe the turbo i4 has a wider torque band and show up with a much faster 0-60 speed

      about 1 day ago
    • Beards 'n Guns Beards 'n Guns
      Beards 'n Guns Beards 'n Guns

      That low license on the old one looks terrible.

      about 1 month ago
    • pedro moreno
      pedro moreno

      My wife and I love our 2016 KL did some mods and it's even better you can say it's a beast

      about 1 month ago
    • SnowCat

      Love my 17 Trailhawk. The bumper with low license plate gives a nice step for my dog !

      about 2 months ago
    • Brian Ritchey
      Brian Ritchey

      Available with manual transmission ? Back in the 80's I asked a Jeep salesman about an automatic transmission. He laughed in my face and said "A Jeep with automatic transmission is not a Jeep."

      about 2 months ago
    • H Bobo
      H Bobo

      You have bad taste in front end aesthetics.

      Update: I watched the next 60 seconds. You have overall bad taste in auto aesthetics, not limited to front ends.

      about 2 months ago
    • Kailem Jones
      Kailem Jones

      Love the look of the Trailhawk but never going to use offroad.

      about 2 months ago
    • Lobo Estepario
      Lobo Estepario

      Excelente, saludos.

      about 3 months ago
    • Jae Quintana
      Jae Quintana

      Can't wait until my 17 Hawk is paid off.. 2019 Trailhawk in Firecracker red is next. From Pavement to using Rock Mode My Jeep has brought a smile to my face.

      about 3 months ago
    • Qugie

      I like the Old one also. Also the Cherokee is compact not midsize. Jeep Grand Cherokee is midsize

      about 3 months ago
    • Agent piggles
      Agent piggles

      I can’t believe there is no power tailgait standard on a 35k car

      about 3 months ago
    • BUDDY
      BUDDY In reply to Agent piggles

      there is

      about 1 month ago
    • ggolds5

      I picked up my 19 Wrangler Sahara Majito Green a month ago. I LOVE it. I had a Kia Sorento and my wife a Mazda CX-5. On Saturday we're picking up her new 19 Cherokee Limited with Technology package. 2 Jeeps.. I would NEVER have thought. Always Japanese or Korean. Screw practical, I wanted a top of the line Wrangler and my wife a Cherokee. Like so many people say, you only live once. So we think.

      about 4 months ago
    • raven scott
      raven scott

      how does this drive in the snow?

      about 4 months ago
    • Jae Quintana
      Jae Quintana In reply to raven scott

      Its great in snow mode.. Never got had to use 4wd lo cant even make it fish tail

      about 3 months ago
    • ed low
      ed low

      I have a '16 Trailhawk. If I could only own one car in the world, it's the Trailhawk - warts an' all. I am a hunter. I don't look for offroad. Most of the time, I am on pavement. But here is a car that can handle offroad when I run into it, and behave nicely when I'm driving around like everybody else.

      about 4 months ago
    • Umbrace Titan
      Umbrace Titan

      Cherokees are fwd/AWD now?

      about 4 months ago
    • Mannaf Raju
      Mannaf Raju

      don't buy cherokee ,,if you buy you will remember me after few months

      about 5 months ago
    • Mannaf Raju
      Mannaf Raju In reply to Mannaf Raju

      Jesse Alexander cherokee is not jeep anymore .Italian fiat platform.almost all same parts as chrysler 200/fiat 500.not reliable ,. Problem one after another,horrible transmission

      about 3 months ago
    • Jesse Alexander
      Jesse Alexander In reply to Mannaf Raju


      about 3 months ago
    • NemeanLion

      They turned the front and rear end into a minivan. What were they thinking?

      about 5 months ago
    • Teo Tonio
      Teo Tonio

      If it had air suspension I would consider getting it

      about 5 months ago
    • creek hed
      creek hed

      I like the new rear end much more than prev gen. BTW I owned a '14 TH...sold it bc the 9-speed was literally the worst A/T I ever experienced, along with having a steering wheel that was set like a school-bus with little adjustability. seriously.

      about 5 months ago
    • creek hed
      creek hed In reply to creek hed

      #1 Issue I had: LAG... what seemed like a 2 second lag and it made things unpleasantly interesting at times

      about 5 months ago
    • Ron Dail
      Ron Dail

      I like the old 2018 exterior also.

      about 5 months ago
    • Grant Stone
      Grant Stone

      this guy knows nothing

      about 5 months ago
    • richard miller
      richard miller

      What Jeep has managed to do with a car chassis is pretty damned impressive.

      about 6 months ago
    • Richard Fernandez
      Richard Fernandez

      I hate the white tail lights.
      It would be better if it had a higher ride height.
      I'll keep my XJ.

      about 6 months ago
    • Richard Fernandez
      Richard Fernandez

      Shheesh over 2 tons?

      about 6 months ago
    • Land of Flavors
      Land of Flavors

      You lost me at AWD. Then kept talking as if AWD and 4x4 is the same thing.

      about 7 months ago
    • Umbrace Titan
      Umbrace Titan In reply to Land of Flavors

      @creek hed AWD or 4x4

      about 4 months ago
    • creek hed
      creek hed In reply to Land of Flavors

      I had one... a 14 and the best part about it was the Locker and it's aggressive AWD... it impressed me and I'm generslly a wrangler guy.

      about 5 months ago
    • dulap d
      dulap d

      Hard to believe autobytle is still around. Hell redline reviews has more subs than these jokers

      about 7 months ago
    • K. Theodos
      K. Theodos

      All the changes to the 2019 Cherokee are definite improvements even the cosmetic design changes. And if indeed Jeep has worked out all the bugs with the nine speed transmission, then this is a definite contender. But I won’t buy one till I’m fairly sure of that.

      about 7 months ago
    • Mike Savich
      Mike Savich

      good looking rig. better then the previous year ones for sure

      about 7 months ago
    • Pro Blu
      Pro Blu

      Nice summary about the car, though the front and rear changes you criticised were highlights that prompted me to buy a 2019. Sold my 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk to buy a 2019 back in March, something I thought I'd never do in my life, sell a car after only a couple years. "You only live once," was my rationalization. Anyway, very pleased with my stock 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite, no regrets. Handles great on unpaved roads in nearby national forests and amazing on sketchy unpaved roads around Death Valley NP, dry or muddy. Plus very comfortable rides on highways and freeways getting to those destinations.

      about 8 months ago