You’ve been lost in the desert for days, and you know that you desperately need something to eat. You drag yourself to the weak shade of a straggly tree and out from under a rock crawls…a scorpion. Yum! Wait, you can’t believe you’re considering it… but how bad could it be?

Scorpions are packed full of protein—just what you need! How hard can they pinch? And how venomous are these things? The least of your worries are the claws or pincers. Scorpions can pinch, but you should be more worried about the poisonous stinger. A sting is way more painful—and dangerous—than a pinch.

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How to catch a scorpion 1:34
Can you actually swallow it? 3:18
When scorpions ARE a good option 4:21
How to cook a scorpion 4:43
The versatile delicacy 5:40
If you do get stung, what should you do? 6:44
Watch out for the bark scorpion! 7:27

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- There are over 1,500 species of scorpions, but you’re in the desert, so you’re probably dealing with the Common Desert Scorpion.
- It’s a brownish-yellow color, and it might have brown hairs on it. This scorpion uses those hairs to pick up vibrations from the air and ground to find food.
- To catch one, though, you’re going to have to wait until dark. Why?? Most scorpions glow under a UV light! Luckily, you have one.
- Next, you need to set a trap. Around the perimeter of the rock, or near the holes, dig a hole large enough to set a cup in, and pack the sand tight around the opening.
- It’s best to remove the stinger and venom gland; if you don’t, the scorpion would try to sting you all the way down.
- But if this really was a survival situation, scorpions ARE a good option. The legs are surprisingly meaty and, like lobster, the best meat is in the tail and pincers!
- After you catch your scorpion, you’re somehow able to start a fire, and decide to cook it. This is much safer.
- Once the scorpion has an even brown color, it’s ready to eat! It should have a nice crunchy texture.
- In some countries, scorpion is actually a versatile delicacy! Cooked scorpions are served as street food, and make a nice soup!
- Scorpions aren’t just found in remote deserts; they’re common in hot, dry places like Arizona or parts of Australia, and they can wander into your home!
- If you’re stung, look for symptoms of an allergic reaction, like a rash or hives. You’ll probably have some swelling and itchiness, so put some ice on it.
- A scorpion sting doesn’t usually cause a lot of problems for most people, unless you have a serious allergy to the venom.
- If you live in the Southwest US—states like Arizona, Texas, and Nevada—watch out for the bark scorpion! They’re brown with a darker back, and up to 3 inches long.
- If you think you’ve been stung by a bark scorpion, it’s best to just go to the emergency room.

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