This introduction was taught by Prof Jong-Moon Chung. Yonsei University (South Korea).


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      It is interesting, and Thank you.

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      Why USA refugee to use 5G network

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      What about health and environmental problems 5G will bring?

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      Excellent Description. can you please let me know the difference between the GSMA and 3PP standard?

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      great and clear presentation thank you so much

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      RELATED to 5G technology : (5G tutorial) and (5G network architecture) and more on (5G)

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      Blake S.

      Please make a video of how 5G won''t give us cancer and microwave our brains into jelly... One of these towers is planned to be constructed on a university campus near where I live. All the hippies in this town won't shut up about how 5g is part of the Illuminati and their plan to kill us off 😂

      about 1 year ago
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      Rockstar status

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      You forgot to mention this is a military grade weapon being deployed...they even say it is being "deployed"...

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      Excellent video!

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      Good Presentation...

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