Footage of the new Mercedes A-Class production line at the Rastatt plant in Germany. Filmed in 2013.
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      ابن الانبار

      وعلم الانسان مالم يعلم

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      Good Technology mercedes benz

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      Harrep you

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      برافو برافو ألف تحتية وتقدير إلى أهل العيلم والتكنولوجية أهل الحكمة والمعرفة تحياتي

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      Karthik Neerudi

      How the bike is made

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    • Good

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      Sar hamko kame

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      Hi bro

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      Mujhe job mil Sakti hai kya

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      Where are human workers why so expensive 😕

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      Wh i like too much yr..

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    • الناجي مَأّشٍأّءأّلَلَهِ صٌوِتّ جِمَيِّلَ خالد
      الناجي مَأّشٍأّءأّلَلَهِ صٌوِتّ جِمَيِّلَ خالد

      اوعدنا يارب

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      Realy fantastic

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      Bare naes

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      BenAgnes macharia

      Wah! I like soo much. all I need to know is to see what have you do not to learn it in the books or university's. When I can see it I will be expert of experts. God create me to know not to read

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      khuss Kita machino ne.

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      आज का तकनीकी ही बेरोजगारी का सबसे बड़ा कारण है। अब इन मजदूरों का स्थान मशीन ने ले लिया है।पहले जो काम मजदूर कर रहे थे अब उनका काम मशीन कर रहा है। आज के मशीनरी युग मे गरीब मजदूरों का जीवन कठिन हो गया है। अगर आपको ये comment अच्छा लगा तो like जरूर करें।

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      Wow.. Thats amazing 😍

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      tum bhe

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      Rk Peter Ramavtar Rkss

      Ramavtarkumar thana post barun dis aurangabad. Bihar.

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