As part of Motor Trend’s annual Best Driver’s Car competition powered by Mothers, we line up the contenders on an airstrip and bask in the glory of horsepower, wheelspin, and launch control. This year, Senior Features Editors Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman give you a quick tour of the 12 competitors before strapping into their insurance-mandated helmets and firesuits and introducing pedal to metal. This year, the contestants are the Acura NSX, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S manual, Audi R8 V10 Plus, BMW M4 GTS, Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE, Dodge Viper ACR, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, Jaguar F-Type SVR, McLaren 570S, Mercedes-AMG GT S, Nissan GT-R, and Porsche 911 Carrera S—except for one small addition after Jason realizes Jonny’s Dodge Charger Hellcat is parked nearby.

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    • Justin Hofmann
      Justin Hofmann

      Yeah, put one of the cheapest Camaros out there against 100k sports cars. Put a zl1 1le in there

      about 12 minutes ago

      World greatest drag race??... well lest talk about the challenger demon...

      about 2 hours ago
    • jg L
      jg L

      it should be Nismo Gtr .

      about 8 hours ago
    • Odfjell 69
      Odfjell 69

      Where is the Koenigsegg??

      about 8 hours ago
    • IG9 Gaming
      IG9 Gaming

      Yall put a Camaro instead of a corvette wth?

      about 15 hours ago
    • hunter craig
      hunter craig

      Does anyone realize he uses a doge charger instead of a doge hellacat

      about 15 hours ago
    • hunter craig
      hunter craig In reply to hunter craig


      about 15 hours ago
    • Panth Mantheon
      Panth Mantheon

      Lmao wait for 2020 #roadster

      about 18 hours ago
    • Arik NaNo
      Arik NaNo

      I am choice GTR

      about 20 hours ago
    • Theappleguy X
      Theappleguy X

      My fav car is the charger RT

      about 20 hours ago
    • Edgar Morales
      Edgar Morales

      They should have used Dodge Demon

      about 23 hours ago
    • CarWhore
      CarWhore In reply to Edgar Morales

      Yeah they should have time traveled and brought a Dodge demon to 2016. 🤦‍♂️

      about 6 hours ago
    • Kingz Gaming
      Kingz Gaming

      Camaro Hennessy

      about 1 day ago
    • Kingz Gaming
      Kingz Gaming

      Where is the corvette zr1 and dodge demon

      about 1 day ago
    • CarWhore
      CarWhore In reply to Kingz Gaming

      In development still. This video dropped in 2016.

      about 6 hours ago
    • Kingz Gaming
      Kingz Gaming

      Lol those are low end

      about 1 day ago
    • Harwinder Singh
      Harwinder Singh

      R8 fasttttttttt

      about 1 day ago
    • Bruno Bacchi
      Bruno Bacchi

      Nissan GTR

      about 1 day ago
    • Viesturs Vorkals
      Viesturs Vorkals

      Suck on that BMW

      about 1 day ago
    • Nathaniel Terry
      Nathaniel Terry

      Where is the demon??

      about 1 day ago
    • C’estlavie123

      Wait a Camaro SS and a Porsche 911 Carrera S? Is it because you didn’t want the Turbo S to wreck the competition? All of these races I swear you guys will leave out the true winners then act like you blew our minds with the bullshit results.

      about 1 day ago
    • High Roller Suite
      High Roller Suite

      Would be a great site to see and hear in person 👍👍👍👍👍

      about 1 day ago
    • edupvp edu
      edupvp edu

      Corvette ganha ria de todos

      about 1 day ago
    • Steveo Hernendez
      Steveo Hernendez

      Wheres the lexus LFA

      about 2 days ago
    • Lincoln Glover
      Lincoln Glover

      That's one fine hellcat

      about 2 days ago
    • Hondas are gay
      Hondas are gay In reply to Lincoln Glover

      Why did he call it "a big stupid sedan"

      about 23 hours ago
    • Nighttfalls

      No z06 😔

      about 2 days ago
    • fahad ibrahim dallul
      fahad ibrahim dallul

      I wish if the fastest bike were with them H2r

      about 2 days ago
    • Parzival

      Put there at least the 911 Turbo S.

      about 2 days ago
    • Mr Unknown
      Mr Unknown

      If a koenigsegg was in this race
      It would humiliate all of those cars

      about 2 days ago
    • Skinny Dildo
      Skinny Dildo In reply to Mr Unknown

      Yes if it were a hyper car race

      about 2 hours ago
    • Abdulrahman Othman
      Abdulrahman Othman

      Where is the Aston Martin

      about 2 days ago
    • Jay's World
      Jay's World In reply to Abdulrahman Othman

      Abdulrahman Othman they trade it for Dodge Charger

      about 1 day ago
    • evoextremeX

      I could have launched better than these made for video bozos.. sorry I watched this

      about 2 days ago
    • Abel Guerra
      Abel Guerra

      No corvette???

      about 2 days ago
    • Unfed Nofrillz
      Unfed Nofrillz

      Sipping coffee during this a dangerous..

      about 3 days ago