• GR8GUY54

      Mine was gone @ 67k miles. Got the clutch, PP, TOB, and FW replaced...feels like butter once again.

      about 12 days ago

      Why not wait another year and get the new generation WRX that should be coming out during Spring/Summer of 2020?

      about 12 days ago
    • projectWRX15
      projectWRX15 In reply to BROJAK HORSEMALE

      So I do want a next gen STI really bad actually. A next gen with the 2.4 liter from the Ascent making like 350+ HP sounds awesome. However, I am really itching or something now. However, one thing I'm thinking of doing is gettting the $25k car as a second car this year (like a used brz) and then upgrade my wrx to a next gen STI next year. So the new STI is still a possibility for me.

      about 12 days ago
    • popotamus

      I get the cel a couple, few times every year on my 15, and like you said it goes away after a few days.

      Your choice of cars is intriguing. I look at a lot of cars and have considered the following for upgrades... a 340i, used/certified m2 or m3, golf r, Jaguar xe.

      about 12 days ago
    • olmmedic

      I had the check engine light on my impreza during winter a 6 years ago. The dealer said it was nothing. I wonder why it does that. I have a 2015 wrx the past 4 years and only issue i had was a noise from my air conditioner that only happens when you first start the car in the morning. Nothing else wrong.

      about 12 days ago