Applies to 2014-18 models

Rating: Good

A 2014 Maserati Ghibli was crash tested on October 22, 2013 into a fixed deformable barrier at
64 km/h and a 40 percent overlap on the driver side. A Hybrid III 50th percentile male dummy
was positioned in the driver seat with the lap/shoulder belt fastened.

The Maserati Ghibli sedan was introduced in the 2014 model year. (The name had been used decades ago for a Maserati
sports car.)

Measures of intrusion taken after the crash indicated the lower instrument panel in front of the
dummy did not move. Resultant intrusion in the driver footwell measured 3 cm at the footrest
and 3-4 cm at other places on the toepan. All doors remained closed during the crash.
The driver door aperture did not shorten as measured at the lower edge of the window. After the
crash, all of the doors opened with ease.

During the crash, the head loaded the fully inflated frontal airbag. During rebound, the left side
of the head contacted the roof-mounted side curtain airbag, which had deployed during the crash
along with the seat-mounted thorax side airbag; then the rear of the head contacted the driver
head restraint. The driver knee airbag also deployed. After the crash, the upper end of the
steering column had moved downward 1 cm and forward 8 cm.

None of the recorded injury measures exceeded threshold values.

HIC - Head Injury Criterion

HIC (Driver): 455