-MSRP: $85,830
-MPG: 13 city / 18 highway
-Horsepower: 383 hp, 403 lb-ft torque
-Towing capacity: 7,000 lbs
-Engine: 5.7 L V8, 8-speed transmission
-13 mpg city 18 mpg highway 15mpg combined
-Curb weight: 5,800 lbs
-Tire size: P285/50R20 Mud & Snow tires
-Price as tested: $88,195 (including destination)
-Five-passenger seating/power sliding 2nd row seat
-Full-time 4wd
-Torsen limited-slip center differential
-Front independent suspension
-Adaptive variable suspension (AVS) and Active Height Control (X-AHC)
-Electronically controlled shock absorbers and stabilizer bars
-Panoramic view and multi terrain monitor
-Lexus Safety System+; pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, automatic braking system, all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, intelligent auto high beams, blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert.
-Electronic brakeforce distribution, brake assist, vehicle stability control, crawl control with turn assist, active traction control with multi-terrain select, trailer sway control
-9-speaker lexus premium audio, hd radio
-Luxury Package - $1190

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