In recent years, as interest in the Prius has began to slow, its hybrid heart has been transplanted into the country’s best-selling passenger car – the evergreen Corolla. Does the hybrid set-up of the mid-spec SX grade help or hinder the Toyota Corolla in its natural habitat – the city crawl and the suburban sprawl?

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    • Drive4fun

      Driving town or motorway it’s fine,

      about 13 days ago
    • Beth Tender
      Beth Tender

      I typed "androgyny" into google but spelled it incorrectly. That's how I found this review, I reckon - a "sx hybrid"

      about 2 months ago
    • Larizcar


      about 2 months ago
    • Chris Asimopoulos
      Chris Asimopoulos

      Shame the rear doors are tiny...along with the tiny boot.

      about 2 months ago
    • Max S
      Max S

      u said subscribe, but i am slready subscribed.

      about 2 months ago
    • Joaquim LLOREN
      Joaquim LLOREN

      New clothing of a Prius hybrid same 1.8 i4 engine I'm not sure about the electric motor

      about 2 months ago
    • newc geoman
      newc geoman

      Typical reviewer focussing on power figures rather than TORQUE.

      about 2 months ago
    • Pancho

      SO ugly

      about 2 months ago
    • Wayne Song
      Wayne Song

      We also want to know the driving experience on the highway.

      about 2 months ago
    • canusdominici

      S....L....O....W.... & Check out the orange peel at 0:05

      about 2 months ago
    • canusdominici
      canusdominici In reply to canusdominici

      +fdn777 PDrive has 0-100 at over 12 seconds. Cf.

      about 2 months ago
    • fdn777
      fdn777 In reply to canusdominici

      0-100 in 7.9 is not slow. What are you talking about for the 0:05 ? Care to explain?

      about 2 months ago
    • SuperTorquemaster

      Shame about the boot size. I wonder what Toyota were thinking when designing this latest shape ? Surely they needed to stay competitive amongst the Korean's offering ? Perhaps they wanted to target the premium European rivals ?

      about 2 months ago
    • SuperTorquemaster
      SuperTorquemaster In reply to SuperTorquemaster

      True, but most people still require a decent carrying capacity. The Prius has a much bigger luggage compartment. Strange on Toyota's part.

      about 2 months ago
    • SilcoSilva Hidayat
      SilcoSilva Hidayat In reply to SuperTorquemaster

      To me, since I first seen it, this Corolla hatch always reminded me of the previous generation Mazda 3 hatch...

      about 2 months ago
    • Oggy Oggy
      Oggy Oggy In reply to SuperTorquemaster

      There aren’t too many premium Euro rivals offering hybrids for $28k.

      about 2 months ago
    • A C
      A C In reply to SuperTorquemaster

      Exactly, + the back seats. I’d say they need to learn from Honda.

      about 2 months ago