Bigger and more Googley than ever!


    • 18rabbit

      this is such an excellent review!!! thanks much for it. Were those staggered wheels on it?

      about 5 months ago
    • mujjuman

      this is such a bad review lol

      about 1 year ago
    • Juan Henriquez
      Juan Henriquez

      3:02 is that the guy from

      about 3 years ago
    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu In reply to Juan Henriquez

      +Juan Henriquez Don't think so.

      about 3 years ago
    • nyak63RUS

      World wide, sure, Blackberry is still popular. When I'm in South Africa it seems like the bulk of people walking around are carrying a Blackberry. But in NA, where this video (and I assume most of the audience) is based, Blackberry is floundering.

      about 5 years ago
    • nyak63RUS

      American labour: getting cheaper by the day.

      about 5 years ago
    • Hernandez86 _
      Hernandez86 _ In reply to nyak63RUS

      nyak63RUS that phone you’re typing on was made in China, be grateful prick.

      about 1 month ago
    • JRodTV


      about 6 years ago
    • JRodTV

      you don't what?

      about 6 years ago
    • Paul Silva
      Paul Silva

      This car does not have voice command to select songs?

      about 6 years ago
    • FrankJ

      "Someones gonna crack that code and it´ll be a breakthrough"
      Well...BMW has already. If you had pulled the button the same way one more time the sunroof would have gone all the way back :-))

      about 6 years ago
    • George

      Ehh the Q5 is still a nicer car in this segment

      about 7 years ago
    • L BJGH
      L BJGH

      After seeing the review and test driving the car my self I can understand what Brian was saying about the car feeling 'disconnected'. I believe the feeling comes from the throttle tip-in problem on the BMW. The throttle is not linear with the throttle pedal movement. You get what feels like 85% of what your foot calls for. It's a lame fuel saving trick IMO.

      about 7 years ago
    • WorldCarLovers

      3:03 i think Brian Cooley was like '' You sure can't afford this car''

      about 7 years ago
    • cinqo7

      The X3 is destined to be a ugly car. Not the grandieur of the X5 nor the sportiness of the X1.

      about 7 years ago
    • ShermanMR2

      As always great review.

      about 8 years ago
    • lotsblocks

      its good that these non american cars are being made in america

      about 8 years ago
    • C M
      C M

      This is the way Reviews should be Great job CNET. I like the looks of the new X3 but they really need to quicken up that interface.

      about 8 years ago
    • Eduardo Herrero
      Eduardo Herrero

      @arashn89 I think u mean EVERYBODY has an iPhone or an Android...

      about 8 years ago
    • Fernando Alvarado
      Fernando Alvarado

      In my country is very expensive, because the goverment taxes are so high, i see the ticket in the page of BMW USA, this particular X3 3.5I starts in $41.000 US dollars, but here...the price is other, $103.000 US dollars..with any car of BMW is expensive...and not and entry level car..!! if the prices are equal than the United States...any can buy a luxury

      about 8 years ago
    • WorldStar

      how is it possible that you say no body you know carries a blackberry....EVERYBODY has a blackberry

      about 8 years ago
    • najma50000

      first!! fuck u all!!

      about 8 years ago
    • Polyfez

      First viewer and commenter!

      about 8 years ago