Join me at the home of Lamborghini in Italy with Asphalt 9: Legends to visit the Ad Personam studio to spec an Aventador SVJ as well as seeing the rarest and most special Lamborghini models in the world including the new Terzo Millennio and also Veneno, Sesto Elemento and Centenario.... Crazy! Play now:

After a visit to the museum to take a look at these incredibly rare and valuable cars, we can explore further around HQ. Asphalt 9: Legends offer in the game the ability to customise your car before getting the race started so of course we have to head into Lamborghini's bespoke Ad Personam studio - home to the most exclusive and one-off creations possible on a Lamborghini model. Starting with a Huracan Performante I took to creating my dream Aventador SVJ, before they surprised me and found one on sight in the identical specification!

From there, it's a unique visit to Centro Stile - Lamborghini's design studio and the birthplace of all of their models. Here though it's a special display with the Terzo Millennio vision of the future, and a car that is actually available to drive with in the game itself.

Asphalt 9: Legends is free to download from the app stores on iOS, Android and Windows. Why not download it now to configure your dream Lamborghini and play with the Terzo Millennio:

Thanks for watching, Tim



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      U can also play it in gta5 online

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      The flux capacitor

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      Guy plays asphalt 9

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      Lamborghini colors? Pick a color.
      Do they have 'Dying Grandma Vomit' in a Matte finish? Because you could paint any Lambo in that color, and it would look fab.

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      hmmmm I'll start saving money for Lamborghini and it's start now.

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      I saw the Terzo Millennio..

      A second later I went into akoma

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      Sound like me when I invite everybody in the lobby in my 60 car garage on gta5...😂😂😂

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      Seriously, your iphone running Asphalt 9 showing an animation of the Terzo Millennio in front of the real one? Seriously now??? If I want to see the Terzo Millennio like that, I can run Asphalt on my PC on a decent screen, thank you. Don't spoil the otherwise interesting video with that kind of stuff please.

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      How do they bring those cars up there?

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      ths cars are not for indian roads.

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      12:26 the Batmobile upgraded by Lamborghini...

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      lamborghini miura stirs the soul, such a beautiful car. To think that was one of the first mid engined car is unbelievable it still looks gorgeous hasn't dated at all.

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      if it ain't foreign it's borin!

      If you have a girlfriend, make sure she ain't around at 12:29

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      very nice

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      Why do people like to built expensive cars.. Only rich people can afford it.. Why they wouldnt try to spend millions to produce high technology, very eco friendly, pollution free cars and sell it at a low price.. So that people can afford it.. By this way.. We can immediately stop the increasing volumes of polluted air in our sorroundings.

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      Shmee. In your opinion...what looks better? Glossy carbon finish or matt finish?

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      The one at 12:26 is the Tezertact from GTA V online

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      The rarest Audi's. Or whatever or whoever owns em.

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