Credit: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Rating: Good

A 1999 Subaru Forester was crash tested on August 28, 1998 into a fixed deformable barrier at
40 mi/h (64.4 km/h) and a 40 percent overlap on the driver side. A Hybrid III 50th percentile
male dummy was positioned in the driver seat with the lap/shoulder belt fastened.
Measures of intrusion taken after the crash indicated the lower instrument panel in front of the
dummy moved rearward 5-6 cm. Resultant intrusion in the driver footwell measured 14 cm at
the footrest and 17-21 cm at other places on the toepan. All doors remained closed during the
crash and opened with ease after the crash.
The driver dummy was restrained by a three-point lap/shoulder belt and an airbag. During the
crash, 6 cm of webbing spooled off the retractor. The deploying airbag contacted the dummy’s
chin and mouth. During rebound, the dummy’s head contacted the left roof rail just in front of
the B-pillar. After the crash, the upper end of the steering column had moved upward 3 cm and
rearward 5 cm.
The dummy’s head had a maximum resultant head acceleration of 9 g when it contacted the left
roof rail. The right leg had a tibia-femur displacement of 12 mm.

HIC - Head Injury Criteria

HIC (Driver): 369