Volvo Trucks continues with original marketing, this time through reality TV with the artist Mapei. During a nine-day road-trip through Europe, she will record a new music video with director Liza Minou Morberg. To help them, they have a Volvo truck filled with props and one of the world’s best drivers. The result can be seen in the TV series ‘Reality Road’.

“With ‘Reality Road’ we want to show the strength of our service offerings,” says Per Nilsson, Director Public Relations Volvo Trucks. “For a truck to stay on the road, the services that are linked to it are just as important as the vehicle itself. At the same time, we want to produce TV entertainment that attracts a wider audience. As far as I know, no other company has used reality TV for marketing purposes,” he says.
Accompanying Mapei on the journey are director Liza Minou Morberg, ‘Epic Split’ driver Jens Karlsson, miniature schnauzer Sushi and a specially designed Volvo FH. Over the course of nine days, they travel all the way from Sweden to Italy, a journey of more than 4,000 kilometres. “Million Ways to Live“ - the song in the musc video - will be included in Mapei´s forthcoming album, to be released this autumn.
“I love to travel and to have the opportunity to meet new people and cultures. And that is also what “Million Ways to Live“ is about – being on the road and having the freedom to travel. It is the ultimate song for a road trip,” says Mapei.
In addition to seeing Volvo Trucks’ services being put to the test in various ways in the TV series, you can follow Mapei as she gets acquainted with and challenges the trucking world. Among other things, we see her when she performs with drag show artists on a truck ferry to Poland, arranges a spontaneous gig in the suburbs of Paris, or accompanies a two wheel stunt in Berlin.
The series comprises a total of eight episodes. The first three are published on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel on June 11.

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