Buying a used BMW 3 series (F30) - produced from 2011

What is the best engine, how good is this car, what are the common problems with these cars? What are the most unreliable engines? Watch the video and you will get answers to all these questions and more!

What to look for when buying a used BMW 3 series advice / guide

used BMW 3 series F30 sedan / saloon
used BMW 3 series F31 touring / estate

used BMW 3 series F30 review

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different car review


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      about 1 year ago
    • Kirill -
      Kirill - In reply to different car review

      Hope you will review X1 E84 coomon issues. Thanks.

      about 5 months ago
    • Matt Rowlands
      Matt Rowlands In reply to different car review

      I'd love to see reviews on the Mini Cooper

      about 9 months ago

      These cars are not build to last. No matter what model you go for: e46, e90 or f30 they all have issues. Ridiculous.

      about 5 days ago
    • Jeep 2.4
      Jeep 2.4

      Thank you, please.

      about 9 days ago
    • Hoodini Sharif
      Hoodini Sharif

      I’m about to get one with 96k miles on it for $9k I’m a bit skeptical coming from a 2009 328i

      about 11 days ago
    • dalton knox
      dalton knox

      I have an M3 and my partner a 328i, they are both fun in their own way, but I would not advise anyone to buy BMW. They are both unreliable and maintenance costs for anyone who has owned say Toyota/Lexus are simply ridiculous. The 328i is going in to have its aluminium engine bolts replaced before all the gaskets completely fail and let coolant into the engine. Yes aluminium engine bolts. I suppose they could have used chewing gum instead to save even more weight, but that might have failed while it was still under warranty.

      about 17 days ago
    • Funny Gens
      Funny Gens

      how much

      about 18 days ago
    • dlwst44

      And this is why Scotty Kilmer says to lease this garbage

      about 28 days ago
    • soren_dk

      Thanks for making this video :) I´m planning to buy a 320i from 2012-2015 soon,. Very handy to know what to look out for :)

      about 1 month ago
    • Rajinderjitsingh Dhot
      Rajinderjitsingh Dhot

      Thansk for very useful information.

      about 1 month ago
    • JohnSmith

      How to check engine code?

      about 2 months ago
    • Gregor Janos
      Gregor Janos

      2011 is WRONG! Even if wikipedia said so. There is no 2011 f30. It was available only from the end of 2012.

      about 2 months ago
    • Joe Average
      Joe Average

      BMW the Ultimate Wallet Draining Machine.......... My local dealer gets $190 an HOUR for anything their blind, deaf & dumb 3 fingered monkeys do TO your car. Their only guarantee is that for every thing they fix, they will break at least 2 more that YOU will eventually have to pay for. It's a frigging criminal racket!

      about 2 months ago
    • Bac Babc
      Bac Babc

      I have a question @5:41 minute 05:41 on the left side there is the F30 but the HEADLIGHTS look not like they should, and I saw this on VERY MUCH F30 (MORE THAN ANY OTHER E90 OR F10/11 , E60 WHATEVER!)

      The headlights dont look like the ORIGINAL CIRCLEs ....
      Can anyone explain my why this is so? more than 80% has changed full headlights and IDK why that is so....
      Can they be "Upgraded" with the original ones which have circles. How muc hwill i need to pay for the circles, light bulbs etc (all in all both sides)


      about 2 months ago
    • different car review
      different car review In reply to Bac Babc

      the car on left side has the standard halogen headlights and the car on the right side has the optional Full LED headlights
      you can read more about the headlight upgrade here:

      about 2 months ago
    • Milan Marjanovic
      Milan Marjanovic

      Fuck bmw

      about 2 months ago
    • canalfixe

      Very good video, i have subscribed your channel. Keep going the good work

      about 2 months ago
    • geronimoxxxxxcvx

      only problem is my coffin does not fit in the back.

      about 2 months ago
    • Ross Goodwin
      Ross Goodwin

      Bmw created a lemon so....

      about 2 months ago
    • Leo Lioness
      Leo Lioness

      Please can someone educate me about BMW.... Does it consumes too much Gas???

      about 3 months ago
    • Dalibor 1978
      Dalibor 1978 In reply to Leo Lioness

      Gas or Gasoline? I can assure you, that every litre you will pour into it, will be used.. it uses how much you pour in.

      about 1 month ago
    • Noel Carvajal
      Noel Carvajal

      Valve cover gasket cost me 1200 bucks to fix

      about 3 months ago
    • Noel Carvajal
      Noel Carvajal

      Are you Count Dracula 🧛‍♂️?

      about 4 months ago
    • Leferry

      You surely know how to scare potential buyersXD

      about 4 months ago
    • J Minix
      J Minix In reply to Leferry

      This guy definitely makes me think about buying a bicycle.

      about 4 days ago
    • Mario Tomlinson
      Mario Tomlinson In reply to Leferry

      I know right?! Always crushing my hopes and dreams lol

      about 23 days ago
    • Ruslan Efremenko
      Ruslan Efremenko

      Great video, very informative

      about 4 months ago
    • different car review
      different car review In reply to Ruslan Efremenko


      about 4 months ago
    • Moahmed  lsmail
      Moahmed lsmail

      Great channel

      about 4 months ago
    • Polaczek 9200
      Polaczek 9200

      I have a f30 from 2012 and has rust under the passenger seat. What is the worst that can happen if i do not take care of it ?


      about 4 months ago
    • 111mmgg
      111mmgg In reply to Polaczek 9200

      Rust is very dangerous, do not cut yourself while searching for your phone under there.

      about 4 months ago
    • 01wizmiles01

      knock on wood i have no issues with my bmw f30 318d 2012. it has 136000km and still running great

      about 4 months ago
    • Leo Lioness
      Leo Lioness In reply to 01wizmiles01

      01wizmiles01 does BMW consumes gas??

      about 3 months ago
    • Elec3x N8tw0rx
      Elec3x N8tw0rx

      BMW - BROKEN MANGLED WRECK /// BMW - BLOODY MOTOR WORKS,,, cars from this company is just an overrated but after 1- 2 years of driving it will give you headache, don't bloody think of buying this piece of crap.

      about 5 months ago
    • Dalibor 1978
      Dalibor 1978 In reply to Elec3x N8tw0rx

      BMW - Bayrischer Mist Wagen.. you can not earn so much how much BMW can take it from you

      about 1 month ago
    • loukas Nitsas
      loukas Nitsas

      Τράβα ρε μαλακά

      about 5 months ago
    • Aris Greek
      Aris Greek In reply to loukas Nitsas

      Ουτε τον τονο πετυχες....μαλακα

      about 2 months ago
    • Matt Rowlands
      Matt Rowlands

      "Take medicine" Aka what BMW owners need to do to cope with repair bills.

      about 5 months ago
    • daphnie7

      I like the small SUVs.

      about 5 months ago
    • Normandie Viking
      Normandie Viking

      Anything made in China will be shit ! Including the people

      about 6 months ago