Five bad stick shift driving habits.

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Some drivers who still own manual transmission vehicles do some simple mistakes which can damage the gearbox or the clutch pretty easily. So in this video I will tell you 5 things which you shouldn't be doing.

1. Rest your arm on the shift knob

It's not a great idea to rest your hand on the gear shifter. You basically add pressure to it, and over time, wear signs will appear. I know it's comfy, sometimes, when I don't realise, I also rest my hand on the gear shifter. Anyways, bad habit, so avoid it.

2. Shift slower when it's cold

When the engine is cold, the engine oil is also cold. The same thing applies for the transmission fluid within the manual transmission. I'm pretty sure you've seen for yourself that it's harder to shift, and sometimes, the gearbox makes a spur sound when you shift from 1st to 2nd gear when it's extremely cold outside and you just started the engine.

And guess what, it takes longer for the transmission fluid to warm up, as there is no combustion within it. It heats up just by friction. When the transmission fluid is at the optimum temperature, shifts are fast and smooth.

So, for around 15 minutes after you start the engine, don't be brutal, shift gears slower.

3. You don't have a synchroniser for the reverse gear, so you need to be completely stopped unless you don't want to experience a spur noise. You can actually damage the transmission by repeatedly doing this. For the sake of this video, I do it to show you. So the wheels should not move.

Also, if the car is stopped, and you're in neutral. After several seconds, if you try to put in reverse quickly, the same spur sound will come again. So, to avoid this, put it in first and then in neutral. In 1st gear, you have a synchroniser, so everything is smooth. This tip is available for any manual transmission, even if it's brand new.

4. Engine Start - the best way to start a car with a manual transmission is to press the clutch pedal and the brake and then start the engine. If you have a newer car, you won't be able to start the car if you don't press the clutch. That's because it's easier for the engine to start without having to spin the transmission in neutral, especially when it's extremely cold outside.

5. Do not keep the car steady up a hill through the clutch. Like I'm doing right now. It's one of the worst things you could do to damage the clutch disc or to wear it out prematurely. Simply pull the handbrake, and when you need to go, release it. Lots of drivers do this, and it's an extremely bad habit. Stop doing it.

If you want to see more videos about manual transmissions or how to launch a car with a manual transmission, you could watch my playlist on this topic.


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      Hill start without using hand brake, in a manual transmission. 😊 please sir.

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      I just bought my Ford modeo manual transmission, pls how do I drive. I have never drive manual before. But have automatic several times

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      Unknown 9173

      this whole video makes no sense and the faces you make made me feel uncomfortable asf

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      Can someone explain #3? I don't get what he's saying at all

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    • M1A 1911
      M1A 1911

      Don’t rest your hand on the gear shift! 320k miles on my 02 Cummins and there’s no sign of wear. Putting a new motor in her now I bet I’ll get another 300k on the transmission before it needs rebuilt. And yes it’s a work truck heavy loads and stop and go traffic daily.

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    • himalay baruah
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      Very good video.

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    • emmanuel muwema
      emmanuel muwema

      #1. simply put the gear in neutral, and step on the break. i dont agree on lifting the hand break.
      imagine traffic going uphill

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    • Syed'S Universe
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    • Jimmy Clery
      Jimmy Clery

      HEY FYI! WHEN TURNING LEFT ! NEVER EVER SHIFT GEAR LEAVER INTO NEUTRAL!.always into FIRST GEAR! ITS called rolling into first gear, you can roll into first from 3rd gear second, but never from a crushing gear IE 4&5

      about 7 months ago
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      My beautiful and amazing Princess

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      b8e71fcbe2e195c67d8d16734013d20f In reply to My beautiful and amazing Princess

      Putting the 'fun' argument aside. Automatics consume more fuel and are more expensive to maintain.

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    • Preston Blake
      Preston Blake In reply to My beautiful and amazing Princess

      Cause automatics are less fun, and transmissions go out faster

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    • Filip Barać
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      b8e71fcbe2e195c67d8d16734013d20f In reply to Filip Barać

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    • Pangolo Marvel
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      #5 is a comfortable bad habit that we all love doing.

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    • Mr. Said
      Mr. Said

      Well, i like to rest my left hand on the doors while just keeping the steering wheel stiff with it and use right to rotate it, way more comfy and is actually great when the trouble pops up, cause you are calm and can react instantly, i like to drivet it 70 to 90km/h max, cause i like to be calm and be able to steer keeping myself straight between the lines and not cross the middle line like truck drivers, do those sickheads even care about their childrens dad? Obviously they don’t care that they could kill a 22 year old driver or someones dad or mother

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