This week we row our own gears in a manual gearbox-equipped Audi S4 Quattro. This Misano Red example comes equipped with the Black Optic package, which includes 19-inch wheels, summer tires and high-gloss black appearance tweaks.

The S4's 3.0-liter supercharged V6 churns out 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque and is matched to a close-ratio six-speed transmission with a dual mass flywheel, which then routes the grunt to a Quattro sports differential, making for quite an entertaining drive

For the best video experience, we encourage you to wear headphones or earbuds. The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. Because these microphones record sound from inside the ear, playing the sound through headphones gives the sensation of 3D sound. All of this translates to a very realistic listening experience.

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WINDING ROAD RACING is here, carrying the gear you need to go faster.


    • Garo Arabian
      Garo Arabian

      All you DSG s4 owners, watch this video and tell me which car is more engaging and fun to drive.

      about 1 month ago
    • dabanphone daban vip
      dabanphone daban vip

      hello evryone i have audi a4 2.0 tfsi gearbox manual how to know gerbox dsg or stronic? i change oilgerbox 75w90 its right ?

      about 1 month ago
    • dabanphone daban vip
      dabanphone daban vip In reply to dabanphone daban vip

      @Garo Arabian yes sir my car manual. its good or bad?

      about 1 month ago
    • Garo Arabian
      Garo Arabian In reply to dabanphone daban vip

      So is your car a manual or automatic? If it has three pedals, congratulations you have a rare manual transmission. If it has two foot pedals, sell and find one with three pedals 😌

      about 1 month ago
    • anonym anonimo
      anonym anonimo

      2.08 farting driver

      about 4 months ago
    • BluffClub6204

      Tell him to quit tapping his fingers

      about 4 months ago
    • Death’s Shadow
      Death’s Shadow

      L love audi ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌🌹👍

      about 4 months ago
    • designer|NL

      You drive like I do, with passion. Great video 🤘🏻 - love the binaural audio and POV. I was on the fence about buying an s4 but now I’m sold!

      about 6 months ago
    • toney Clayton
      toney Clayton

      it is nice, but the dsg is so much quicker!

      about 6 months ago
    • Al Cesar Lo del Cesar
      Al Cesar Lo del Cesar

      the sound is much better about R8

      about 9 months ago
    • Miguel

      I think this is going to be my next car.

      about 10 months ago
    • xTeddy _
      xTeddy _

      not even the 2014 S4 have steering wheel pedal shifters?? I thought it was just my 2014 A4 KOMFORT model didn't come with it.

      about 10 months ago
    • Robert Rydlewski
      Robert Rydlewski

      witch state is this filmed ??? the bumpy road look like in eastern europeans country

      about 10 months ago
    • Logan Berry
      Logan Berry

      Do all audi s4 come with a supercharger?

      about 1 year ago
    • Fidel Quintela
      Fidel Quintela In reply to Logan Berry

      Yes, if b8 - b8.5.

      about 3 months ago
    • Axrat

      Shit roads, great car!

      about 1 year ago
    • zack niner
      zack niner

      Is it odd that i know exactly where this is?

      about 1 year ago
    • Jan Beutelspacher
      Jan Beutelspacher

      That whine i love it

      about 1 year ago
    • brightnessQQ

      what camera did you use? go pro?

      about 1 year ago
    • Vladimir Stoilov
      Vladimir Stoilov

      2:28 this is priceless! best feeling.

      about 1 year ago
    • Dylan Wells
      Dylan Wells

      I honestly think this is the best Audi they ever made. Love the gauges, you arent overwhelmed by the technology and there is just a vibe of smooth, executive luxury about this vehicle, I love this car.

      about 1 year ago
    • Fidel Quintela
      Fidel Quintela In reply to Dylan Wells

      Agreed. Everytime I watch this video I want to go and drive my s4

      about 3 months ago
    • MrRhinoCeros86

      nice video. But I miss the 4.2 l V8 sound. It is just not the same.

      about 1 year ago
    • Big$MoneyBoss

      Is that a normal sound for manual cars or was he forgetting to shift? Didn't sound right

      about 1 year ago
    • Fidel Quintela
      Fidel Quintela In reply to Big$MoneyBoss

      What do you mean? That's exactly how you'd want your manual to sound!

      about 3 months ago
    • Josiah Thibodeaux
      Josiah Thibodeaux

      I really hate they forsook the v8 I would pick one of these up soo quick for sure!

      about 1 year ago
    • Fidel Quintela
      Fidel Quintela In reply to Josiah Thibodeaux

      Go out and drive the V6 supercharger. You may change your mind.

      about 3 months ago
    • Charles Krish
      Charles Krish

      how did you get the console lights on in the daytime?

      about 1 year ago
    • Carlo Williams
      Carlo Williams

      ;-; Where are they sold.....



      about 1 year ago
    • Kliman Khmeron
      Kliman Khmeron

      Every single merge an indicator is on, every single lane change indicator is on. This video one of the best representation of the gorgeous car and great driving skills. Thank you.

      about 1 year ago
    • The Equinox
      The Equinox

      I have a manual A4 2013, but i'd like to own a beast like this S4 with a manual transmission, I think this is one of the best cars that money can buy : sporty, roomy, great design and interior and boy does it go fast...

      about 1 year ago
    • negro i am
      negro i am

      gets an audi summer sales event ad before the vid

      about 2 years ago
    • Sir SchmittyX
      Sir SchmittyX

      I'm getting one tomorrow :) I'm so stoked! I might just stay up all night and watch S4 videos.

      about 2 years ago
    • Fidel Quintela
      Fidel Quintela In reply to Sir SchmittyX

      Did you get your s4?

      about 3 months ago
    • Thomas Bate
      Thomas Bate

      That engine is a dream.

      about 2 years ago
    • Jean-Pierre Richardson
      Jean-Pierre Richardson

      In love with that engine sound!

      about 2 years ago
    • Thomas Garbaty
      Thomas Garbaty

      Looks like flat bottom wheels can get annoying.

      about 2 years ago