• Mary Rafuse
      Mary Rafuse

      This car is amazing art. Wonderful restoration. Ford out of Oakville Ontario Canada built some unique Canadian Ford Cars in the 1950's and early 1960's. They are also very beautiful vehicles.

      about 5 months ago
    • Vernon Bolinger
      Vernon Bolinger

      Wow very nice edsel. Very nice restoration. But I don't know how a car guy as old as Ardel is knows absolutely nothing about edsel. Thinks edsel were made for 4 yrs instead of 3,and used a Ford 390, when it actually was a 361. When they found it in the field I can just imagine when they said ,hey Ardel we brought in an edsel, his response was probably, an edsel what the heck is an edsel. All kidding aside, the 1958 pacer convertible is the ultimate edsel. I've wanted an edsel ever since I was a kid. Now in my late 50s I finally got one. pulled a 58 pacer 4dr out of a field in Oregon. Hope to star restoration in a couple of years. Thanks for posting that beautiful convertible.

      about 9 months ago