Bertrand is out testing the new Mitsubishi Outlander


    • zoolkhan

      in my country the max allowed speed is 120 km/h - i tested my 2012 petrol outlander til 190 km/h - and then aborted as i worry for my radio antenna on the roof. If someone wants a sports car, he shoudl buy a lotus. This is a SUV, with heavy emphasis on reliability and usability on sidetracks/snow/ice/offroad. It has a high stance, and yet handles nicely in speedy curves - but, it is not a fucking sports car. Its a car for pragmatists, not for posers.

      about 6 years ago
    • toko61

      i love you mitcubishi montero sport

      about 9 years ago
    • Alex Duma
      Alex Duma

      i have a 2.0 di-d outlander with CIP and 245/45 , 19" wheels and its very very fast. 180 HP . 0-100 : about 8 seconds . top speed : about 230 km/h .

      about 9 years ago