An F-16 Fighting Falcon engine is tested in full afterburner at the Engine Test Cell Facility, commonly referred to as the "Hush House". The General Electric F110-GE-100 turbofan produces close to 29,000 pounds of static thrust in afterburner, which can propel the Fighting Falcon to approximately twice the speed of sound. The test was conducted at the Atlantic City Air National Guard Base in Egg Harbor Township, N.J. on January 31, 2017.

Film Credits: MSgt Andrew Moseley


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      how the engine was mounted to the floor? Can it ripoff from the floor on full thrust?

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      should the author light the cigaret from it?

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      so that's why Earth is rotating faster now

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      This is literally my PS4 at max fan speed

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      Teknologi very fast development in 100 thousand year

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      A rare video to watch🤗

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      20 of those bolted down side by side...Polar Shift!

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      i wish it showed what the RPM is, i bet the striped pipe at the bottom left is for the fuel

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      Good bearings?

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      Amazing machine! Never tire of watching this! It's relaxing!

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      What if the US military had five thousand of these tunnels pointed in the same Direction? If they left them on 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a few years and had them pushing in the direction of the Earth's natural rotation, they could read the fine what we call a day

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