I attended the Nurburgring 24hr race with Bugatti, which included experiencing the parade lap prior to the start of the race from the passenger seat of the record breaking Veyron Super Sport WRE.

Official Bugatti driver Andy Wallace is at the wheel, as we head around the full GP circuit and Nordschleife leading the parade. With parts where Andy was allowed to press on, it's also fascinating to see the crowds as we chase the Audi RS6 pace car - who at times is fairly on it.

Needless to say, lapping the Nurburgring in a Veyron Super Sport WRE is quite an experience!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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      Vitesse papy

      about 7 months ago
    • Руслан Салимов
      Руслан Салимов

      без пейс кара не ездится нихера. никчёмное видео.

      about 1 year ago
    • Kuno Braun
      Kuno Braun

      Sry, boring ...

      about 2 years ago
    • Thomas D. Alucard
      Thomas D. Alucard

      I just love that car...

      about 4 years ago
    • F1JunGT

      7 minute, finally some acceleration!

      about 4 years ago
    • NORPAD Productions
      NORPAD Productions

      Even that Audi RS6 made more noise than the Bugatti.

      about 4 years ago
    • SwagJunge1337( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      SwagJunge1337( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      The RS6 sounds better than the Bugatti :D

      about 4 years ago
    • marix14

      Nice to see you at the Nürburgring back, hope you enjoyed your stay. It was an epic event.

      about 4 years ago
    • rpo305

      The pace-car was hauling ass!

      about 4 years ago
    • BlaZe iT
      BlaZe iT

      Even though I really don't like the Veyron this is awesome!

      about 4 years ago
    • Farhan ajiwaskita arif.atkins
      Farhan ajiwaskita arif.atkins

      Damnnn no sound

      about 4 years ago
    • gio_510R 1
      gio_510R 1

      is this faster than the Lamborghini sesto elemento

      about 4 years ago
    • JuergenGDB

      Good video Shmee.   I still cant wrap my head around why I do not like the Bugatti Veyron.  Rear wing looks retarded to me, and just a giant bubble of a car.  Myself I would rather for the money pick up an Aventador, Porsche 991 GT3, and the new Ferrari 488 GTB. or an F12.  All three would fit nicely...

      about 4 years ago
    • Robbie Gobeli
      Robbie Gobeli

      I don't understand why they would have Bugattis parade there. Wouldn't it make much more sense to do the winners of previous years? Am I the only one who feels this way?

      about 4 years ago
    • Brandon Dove
      Brandon Dove In reply to Robbie Gobeli

      Robbie Gobeli three years later and no replies or likes, yes.

      about 4 months ago
    • Hunter Adams
      Hunter Adams

      I like the 2 2016 r8's in the back at the beginning.

      about 4 years ago
    • Flat6King

      I'm more impressed with the driver of the safety car!!!

      about 4 years ago
    • Kyodaikuma

      They drive like ladies on their way to a city mall....

      about 4 years ago
    • Tom Anglim Lagones
      Tom Anglim Lagones

      You were probably in close proximity to Chris Harris (who was racing in an Aston)! Two of my favourite YouTubers!! :D

      about 4 years ago
    • Jam H
      Jam H

      I laugh when the active aero is used when braking

      about 4 years ago
    • Remi Put
      Remi Put

      The Nurburgring is so big , it can be dry on one side of the circuit and raining on the other side !! That makes racing not easy !!

      about 4 years ago
    • Entryx 1
      Entryx 1

      The new R8 at 0:24!!!!!!'

      about 4 years ago
    • Marcelo S
      Marcelo S

      only serves to parade in nurburgring, because making quick time the Veyron can not

      about 4 years ago
    • Mc Lovin
      Mc Lovin

      Tim has some sweet privileges

      about 4 years ago
    • Robert Vogt
      Robert Vogt

      some say...

      about 4 years ago
    • Darragh Jinadu
      Darragh Jinadu

      Tim you put this video up 2 days ago I hope your not running out of content to put on YouTube lol

      about 4 years ago
    • Ayman B.
      Ayman B. In reply to Darragh Jinadu

      +Darragh Jinadu No he put the big one because people started to "inb4" him chopping it up to several pieces to make more cash ... is my guess.
      I think posting separate ones is therefore his right after that :) People can choose to watch them or ignore them.
      Just my take on it...
      EDIT : Plus, I believe he's included some edited out bits. Could be wrong.

      about 4 years ago
    • KnoWesWhoy

      i dont get the hype behind veyrons , i'd choose the audi security car instead of a veyron

      about 4 years ago
    • William Birdine
      William Birdine In reply to KnoWesWhoy

      +KnoWesWhoy Either way we cannot sit here abd say the Veyron is shit. The reason Koenigsegg is all hype now as well as other hypercars, is because they were trying to beat the Buggati. The Veyron is an engineering Marvel, now you don't have to like it, but you have no choice but to respect it

      about 3 years ago
    • KnoWesWhoy
      KnoWesWhoy In reply to KnoWesWhoy

      as annoying as a veyron ? cause for me a veyron is damn annoying 

      about 4 years ago
    • Ml Gs
      Ml Gs In reply to KnoWesWhoy

      Don´t you guys realise how annoying and pointless all the crap is you are blabbing?

      about 4 years ago
    • W-James
      W-James In reply to KnoWesWhoy

      +arriluk97 The standard Veyron wasn't but the Super-sport was and it was the fastest around the top gear test track for manny years 

      about 4 years ago
    • allr
      allr In reply to KnoWesWhoy

      +Will James I didn't said it wasn't! But the veyron is just for top speed, it isn't disgned for circuits...

      about 4 years ago
    • Rico3mal

      Why didnt you post a video prior to the Race xD i was sitting on the tribune in first corner with binoculars :'D

      about 4 years ago
    • dominic maddison
      dominic maddison

      When is the documentary out?

      about 4 years ago
    • Harald Jan Dahle
      Harald Jan Dahle

      It's the Jewel in the Crown. Absolutely stunning fantastic. Well done Shmee!!

      about 4 years ago
    • MrScientist90

      So this car was driven by James May?

      about 4 years ago