My thoughts after finally getting and installing the PCM for this troubled Fusion. Come with me on the first road test and see some sped up footage of programming and finishing this job. A happy customer and this one is done and gone. Thanks for the support everyone. Sorry for not getting better video of the programming procedure, but next time. Keep watching.


    • Gerald Sanford
      Gerald Sanford


      about 7 months ago
    • scuba422123

      good morning joe those tech lines with anything mostly are a have to get lucky to get someone that knows something they will steer you left when you should be going right! you were persistent and that's what got the job done

      about 7 months ago
    • KY Home Garage KY Home Garage
      KY Home Garage KY Home Garage

      Good job my friend. Keep up good work.👍👍cheers

      about 7 months ago
    • Hayward's Automotive
      Hayward's Automotive

      I bought my Autel Maxisys Elite w/J2534 Pro from AESWave b/c of their outstanding support and the bonus was it was on sale cheaper than anywhere online an added bonus!. Programming is fun but can be nerve racking at times. Last week I had a 2012 Traverse no crank & P0616 that the ECM was sending 3V on the control wire with the KOEO. Bought GM ECM from dealer in a taped box and dielectric in the plug and when I went to program it a VIN was already loaded & notified Parts Mgr of issue and sent him a screen shot. Needless to say ECM programmed fine but had error codes during immobilizer programming. GM Tech Support Hotline was great and they verified ECM was the issue and not the SPS software and I used them as an additional reference on the SR at the dealership, got my new ECM in an unopened box and & 30 minutes later everything was programmed and vehicle running like a champ. Some go easy and some can be a pain and my stomach still gets in a knot programming and when I'm done & it's fixed I'm smiling. Nice video Joe and slowly climbing in subscribers!

      about 7 months ago
    • RSC Electrical
      RSC Electrical

      Oh man, that turned into a pig of a job. If you'd been over here buddy, Ford tech support wouldn't have even spoken to you never mind being useless. Well done for not giving up Bro, all credit to you. Hope the customer appreciated what you've done. Have a great day.

      about 7 months ago
    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill

      Looking forward to seeing some programming videos.

      about 7 months ago