The Bosch parking assistant gets drivers into any suitable parking space within seconds – without any stress or hassle. A special sensor integrated into the side of the front bumper scans the side of the road as the car drives past. The parking assistant lets the driver know immediately when it finds a suitable parallel or perpendicular space. If the driver presses the button to activate the parking assistant, the system takes just fractions of a second to calculate the optimum path into the space, the necessary steering movements, and the number of maneuvers needed. Then the parking assistant takes control: the driver lets go of the steering wheel and controls the parking maneuver by carefully accelerating and braking. In addition, the assistant also helps with pulling out of the parking space. It steers the car into a position from which the driver can safely and quickly pull out of the space. The driver keeps an eye on traffic, and brakes or accelerates as directed by the system.

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