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      I know this is kind of a dumb question but, can it be configured to only a 2 row only?

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      chris weber

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      I love this firsthand-view review. It’s like I am actually there. Thank you. Looove the vehicle and your review. Subbed!

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      i need 3door Lc prado . gimme one toyota santa plz

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      still driving a 1976 Land Cruiser 😆

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      Why not buy a Sequoia? Cheaper and capable?

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      I know these are super popular in the middle east and australia, also really popular in cambodia. You see these at every corner

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      In my country the tax is pretty harsh so my v8 costed me around 275000 dollars no joke I know it’s pretty hash in my country a Ferrari is 850000 the 488

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      This thing costs $176,000 USD in Jamaica.

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      This is such a nice my boss purchased one these a few weeks ago and it looks so imposing and capable in person. The only thing I dont really like about this SUV is the price tag. Considering that the Lexus LX is just a few thousand dollars more, I can't see someone saying they wanted to purchase the land cruiser to save money. This is an $85,000 dollar SUV and im sure those purchasing this vehicle aren't hurting for money, much like my boss. However, these vehicles do hold their value exceptionally well and the cost of ownership after reseal wouldnt be as bad as you think because the depreciation is as rampid on the SUV. I would say that in my personal opinion, I would pay 55-65K if i had the money, then you got the LX for 20,000 more. But this is also a problem because ince the LX and the Land Cruiser are essentially the same vehicle, no one would pay for the lexus because their getting the same thing in a land cruiser. I just wish this SUV was cheaper while leaving room for the Lexus to be the higher end luxury model

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      3:14 don't get me wrong, this is a great car, but that is unacceptable

      Door sound

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