Subscribe: The Volvo XC60 is one of the more sensible small SUVs, and aims to please families above all. Read the full Volvo XC60 review:

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    • fatguylux

      The only thing i don't like about the xc60, is that there is no room for the passenger's feet in the back in the middle. The seat in the middle isn't very comfortable either, which is why we chose an evoque over the xc60 :)

      about 5 years ago
    • Yanis BOSCH
      Yanis BOSCH In reply to fatguylux

      +greatgood5 our volvo has been pretty reliable, also the only sort of problems we seemed to get on lr rr were electronic and luckily our doors haven't fallen off yet:D
      mechanically they have been pretty reliable

      about 3 years ago
    • Yanis BOSCH
      Yanis BOSCH In reply to fatguylux

      +Frank Fencepost we have had a similar fuel problem with our land rover:) the fuel gage was not working and indicated there was enough fuel when it was a bout empty:/ except for that our land rover has been reliable for more than 5 years now, during the 2 1/2 years we had the evoque the only real problem we had was the reversing radar, also we 5 fit in the car even though 3 of us are taller than 1.7m
      also before we got the evoque we had a xc 90 (the oldest model of it) and we replaced it because it was starting to get too expensive to repair (but it was much older than the freelander)
      overall I do think both brands are nice but if you need the 5 seats i think the xc 90 would do the job a lot better than the xc60

      about 3 years ago
    • greatgood5
      greatgood5 In reply to fatguylux

      +Frank Fencepost If you get a Land Rover, you get a Land Rover, but in a couple weeks or months it'll have its doors fall off.
      Always get a Volvo xD

      about 3 years ago
    • m M
      m M In reply to fatguylux

      hahhahahhaa :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      about 4 years ago
    • Frank Fencepost
      Frank Fencepost In reply to fatguylux

      My wife has an Evoque, the kids moan every time we put them in the back (particularly the middle seat), and she moans about not being able to see out of the back window like she could in her old Sport HSE. It's broken down on us three times now, once the handbrake (which ever idiot came up with that design needs to be shot!). Another it went into complete limp mode on the way home, left her and my kids stuck at 35mph in lane 3 on the motorway and ended up pulling over on the hard shoulder for 2 and 1/2 hours waiting for recovery, a 'sensor' problem which land rover did eventually fix under warranty after having the car for 2 weeks but still :( 3rd time was just last week, Stopped at traffic lights, popped it into neutral since the lights take forever, go to set off and BANG!!! Rev's went mad, the car was redlining its self with no foot on throttle! I was unable to turn off the engine, so got out terrible smell like burning plastic and fluids all over the road! Eventually it it just stopped with a terrible noise like a scream just before (I assume it ran out of fuel) Car got recovered almost 2 hours later to land rover and I'm still waiting for a diagnosis. Told them to stick the car up their arse! We are looking at an XC60 or XC90 to replace the Evoque, and having loved my previous XC90, she's up for it with the added bonus of class leading safety. I guess we can live with a firm middle seat. Have you had any problems with your Evoque yet?

      about 5 years ago
    • An English Cartman
      An English Cartman

      I love the way he used a waitrose bag when testing the boot, because most owners of this car would be likely to shop there.

      about 5 years ago
    • Hangry Hippo
      Hangry Hippo In reply to An English Cartman

      Where do you shop, lidl? Or the local farmers market lol

      about 4 years ago
    • Zac Kirstein
      Zac Kirstein

      What's the point in buying the front wheel drive version, you might as well just buy the Volvo V70 as it's boot capacity is only 75 litres less than the XC60.

      about 5 years ago
    • BarbecuedPossum
      BarbecuedPossum In reply to Zac Kirstein

      Zac Kirstein many reasons, sir higher up which is nice for passengers, more suspension travel so the ride is better, with snow tyres won't often be traction limited and because its higher won't plow snow with the front /underside

      about 1 year ago
    • Jurider

      I really like this car, because it's cheaper than the others and drives very comfortable. Also it's a car for individuals, because you don't see it at each corner. However the engine could take a bit less petrol.

      about 5 years ago
    • Dusan Nikolic
      Dusan Nikolic

      what's with your pants?

      about 5 years ago
    • Wolf_LAT

      Volvo is always good if its best what you can afford but when you put in more money you pretty fast understand that some other car producers can give more interesting models. In this case its like this XC60 -> X5 -> Range Rover   

      about 5 years ago
    • WinkelHoof
      WinkelHoof In reply to Wolf_LAT

      No. You got it wrong. XC60-X3/XC90-X5

      about 4 years ago