Welcome to JustinsCarReviews. Today I present to you the 2014 Honda Civic Touring. This Civic wears the Modern Steel Metallic Exterior and features Black Leather Interior. This is the most loaded Civic sedan you could buy with all the goodies! This vehicle features leather interior, 8 way powered seat, navigation, sunroof, fog lights, heated front seats, back up camera and many more! Of coarse you could find some of these features on an EX Civic but the Touring has its own also. Comfort in the Civic is spot on! Seats are nice, plush and give good support! If you want a sporty feel seat, Check out the 2014 Corolla S! Now my opinion to what the Civic could use is: Projector head lights, LED tail lights, Paddle Shifters (possibly) and maybe a auto dimming mirror featured standard on the Touring. You do have smart key and push button as new features also for 2014, Which is very convenient. A CVT transmission is also new for 2014. Overall a nice, comfortable and pleasant car to take a look at, sit in and purchase. BUT there is also alot of competition like the 2014 Corolla, 2014 Elantra, 2014 Focus, 2014 Sentra, 2014 Cruze and many more! I would suggest definitely take a look at the Civic also the competition!
That sums up my brief description of my video I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!


    • IDelta_Vengeance

      Does the navigation system is built in or you have to own the iphone apps n using you own data ???

      about 5 years ago
    • Alex Tran
      Alex Tran In reply to IDelta_Vengeance

      Navi is optional

      about 4 years ago
    • im1greatman

      I would like it more if it was $13,000.  I think it's overpriced for a Civic.

      about 5 years ago
    • henry bacon
      henry bacon In reply to im1greatman

      it's fully loaded, a base Civic is $13'000.

      about 4 years ago
    • Vic da G
      Vic da G

      oh crap they got rid of AUX???

      about 5 years ago