BMW 1800 TI/SA von 1965 am 20.10.2013 auf dem Salzburgring


    • Nightfly1957

      Der Motor läuft schlecht

      about 1 year ago
    • john cliff
      john cliff

      Ho! this reminds me of parking-up my 432 APC and getting into my 1800Ti and leaving tire marks on the concrete roadway until my right foot realized it was not pushing down a 1 foot by 6 inches wide pedal. It was a dramatic difference getting into that car from driving an APC. I just wanted to drive for miles and miles, (but just ended up doing hundreds of kilometers). I loved being behind the wheel of that motor. Hildesheim to Hamburg and return in no time at all. One of the beauties of that time is that there were very little speed restrictions on the Autobahn in 1969. It could have done with a 5th gear for cruising at top speed and that is the only thing I wished for with it.

      about 2 years ago
    • classiccarz

      Dogleg trans? What is that from, a Porsche?

      about 3 years ago