Top 5 of the most impressive dangerous roads around the world. The worst roads around! Every year there are cars that go flying off of them. I excluded the clips where cars actually fall off because there's a good chance YouTube would put an age restriction on the video because of them. And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations!

5. The Atlantic Road in Norway
4. South Yungas Road, Bolivia (the Death Road's counterpart)
3. Vitim River Crossing, Siberia
2. Road from Shyari to Ishtyari in India
1. The Himalayas, South Asia

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      ابو حنظله كمل،

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      From 02.01 very scary

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      The video at no 1 which is called south asia is of Nepal, Mustang why didnt you mentioned Nepal?

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      1. is in The Himalayas... but where

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      Come to India and take a truck ride (pillion not driver) among these roads in Himalayas.. It's freaking lifetime worth a experience

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      HI,,,I am from Serbia AND WELCOME TO BELGRADE beautiful city!!!!!

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      Scary road for #2&#1. Wood strips bridge of Siberia will collapse if Soviet T34 tank pass by. To survive #1 and #2 ,you need to crawl, only goats ,goose and cats can walk leisurely on these roads.

      about 25 days ago
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      Thank you!

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      N#4 thus type of road is also in pakistan northern area kaghan valley..

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      Allah apni Amman main rkhy Amin Summa Amin

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      I think I need to go lay down.......

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      Jalan yg sangat mengerikan....

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      Have u ever scene roads of kerala

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      1st is Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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      omg at 2:34

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      How people living in this place❣❣❣❣

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